Day #2: Another egg?

Hello again! Day 2 is here with some awesome new content! I forgot to add a link to the server for those interested in joining us on the new warp! See here:

Again I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions. I’m still amazed that even 25 years later, we’re still seeing new awesome content! If you still want to contribute, please let me know before the final day on Discord!

Submission #1: Star Heater

Thanks to Allekha for this first submission today! Star Heaters!

The included description: An astronomy-inclined Shee created this heater inspired by the stars – its nuclear fusion will keep creatures toasty, and it’s 100% safe! Probably. This animated heater can be turned on and off, changed to one of twelve fun colors, and cloned to keep even more of your creatures warm.

Submission #2: Duskcap Mushrooms

Mea continues the mushroom series with Duskcaps!
Their description: A swiftly regrowing patch of sunset colored mushrooms(they count as ‘fruit’) that you never have to worry about going extinct or taking over the metaroom. The mother plant in the center of the patch will reseed the mushroom patch as it is eaten and the mushrooms will only grow next to the mother. The Duskcap mushrooms require the Garden Box, but if there is interest, a standalone version can be made.

The story continues:

After planting the scarlet mushroom in her garden, the young shee return to her lab and glanced through the remaining samples from her experiments. One of the mushroom samples caught her eyes. It looked very much like the scarlet mushroom she had just planted, but in the center of the cap, the color became much darker. She looked at it with wide excited eyes. “It looks like a sunset! Shading from orange to red to nearly black… even the little white spots look like stars! I must do something with this one!” Humming happily to herself she worked on this new mushroom. She made many changes until it was just the way she wanted it to be. When she was finished, she smiled and planted it out in her garden as well. “There! Now even on cloudy days, everyone can enjoy the colors of a beautiful sunset! A pretty dusk sky. And these mushrooms are much tastier and healthier than the scarlet mushrooms. Now they taste like fruit!” She smiled joyfully as she looked at her pretty duskcap mushrooms growing in her garden.

Submission #3: Two Days, Two Eggs, Seeing a Pattern?

Hidden somewhere on the archive is a link to a secret download! The clue below should lead you to the correct listing. Somewhere in the listing will be a digital egg. Click it to receive your reward!.

Day #1: An old world converted to new, the build number is 2328.
Day #2: Affectionately known as “Trash Pandas” these norns were originally created by Sentinal and abandoned, only to be restored by Verm and myself.