Welcome to Eem Foo’s Archive! Click Here to view the archive directly!

What is the Archive?

The archive is a centralized location set up to preserve and maintain the community and content for the Creatures series of games. It covers a wide gamut of content: agents/COBs, unused assets, patches, manuals, technical documentation and external tools. The archive contains content from all 3 main games, as well as Docking Station.

Why Eem Foo?

Eem Foo was the tester Norn for C12DS and can be found as an easter egg by clicking on the temple in the backdrop. It’s a cute and memorable name, and a reminder of my (Lacota) first project C12DS.

What’s Next?

With proper hosting and domain secured, next steps include modern Discourse forums, indexing and making the archive quickly searchable. It will be an ongoing process as new content is created and added to the archive