C1 Breed List

 Below is the complete list of known breeds for C1. Unlike C3/DS, the type of creature determined what slots could be used.

This is a work in progress. If you see any errors please contact us on the discord.

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**Brown Mouse Norn

Official Norn Breed
Norn 0
**Brown Mouse Norn WingiesNorn 0
**Pixie Norn

Official Norn Breed
Norn 1
**Pixie Norn WingyNorn 1
**Ghostly NornsNorn 1
**Horse Norn

Official Norn Breed
Norn 2
**Horse Norn WingiesNorn 2
**Blond & Brunette Norn

Made by Muppetboy
Norn 2 & 3
Santa Norn 96

Male adult sprites are official, other sprites are made by Greg Poehlein.
Norn 3

Zebra Geordie Norn

Norn 3
Pumuckl NornNorn 3
**Blond Norns

Made by muppetboy
Norn 3
Purple Mountain Norn

Official breed, given out as free addon and included in C1 Life Kit.
Norn 4
**Forest Norn

Official Breed from the Creatures 1 Lifekit
Norn 5
Nano Norn
Norn 5
**Ron Norn

Official Breed from Life Kit #1
Norn 6
**Psychedelic Ron NornNorn 6
NottinNorn 6
Transgendered Norn

Made by Muppetboy
Norn 6
Alba Norns

No wiki page, listed in two slots. Conversion of C2 Pixies (maybe?)
Norn 6 & 7
Santa Norn 97

Official Breed, from Christmas 97. looks slightly different. 96 more popuular
Norn 7
Bunny NornNorn 7
GreihNorn 7
Matt NornNorn 7
Snow NornNorn 7
Munchkin NornNorn 7
Albian Grey Norn

Rumors of a Norn 7 version?
Norn 8
Dwarf NornsNorn 8
Dragon NornNorn 8
**Fairy NornNorn 8
Franken NornNorn 8
Movie NornNorn 8
Pow-Wow NornNorn 8 & 9
Silver Earthen NornNorn 8
Star Trek NornNorn 8
Teddy Bear NornNorn 8
Wood NornNorn 8
C2 Ettin

No wiki page
Norn 8
Cheri NornNorn 9
EttaNorn 9
**GromNorn 9
Jewel NornNorn 9
Orkan Norn

Reverse ager.
Norn 9
Tomte NornNorn 9
Golden Desert Norn

Conversion from C2?
Norn 9

Official Breed can be upgraded with Grendel Family
Grendel 0
Jazz GrendelGrendel 1
**NorngrenGrendel 1
**Pepper GrendelGrendel 1
Santa Grendel

By Bean
Grendel 2
Wibble GrendelGrendel 2
Giant Grey GrendelGrendel 3
**Micro GrendelGrendel 3
Frost GrendelGrendel 3
C2-in-C1 GrendelGrendel 4
Santa Grendel

by Slaterbait
Grendel 5
Eryx Grendel Grendel 6
**Macro GrendelGrendel 7
Boney Grendel

Conversion from C2
Grendel 8
Franken GrendelGrendel 9
Pewter GrendelGrendel 9
**Tomte GrendelGrendel 9
Bean's EttinEttin 0
Creatures 1 EttinEttin 0
**Gaz's EttinEttin 0
**Ettin Family

Made by Don
Ettin 0
**Drone Conversion EttinEttin 1
Plague EttinEttin 2
Network EttinEttin 3
Denall EttinEttin 3
Leopard Gecko EttinEttin 5
Snail EttinEttin 6
Hivemind EttinEttin 7
Minim EttinEttin 7
Flame EttinEttin 8
C3 EttinEttin 9
C2-in-C1 EttinEttin 9
C1 Shee

Three major versions:

V1 by Lis Morris was only adult male.
V2 by Gaz had only female sprites.
V3 by Ettin Boy combined male and female sprites and ages.
Geat 0
Bain SheeGeat 1
Goldrush Fairy NornGeat 2
Markus SheeGeat 3
Albian Grey Norns from HellGeat 4
AnteaterGeat 5
**Geat RonGeat 6