C3/DS Metaroom list

Below is the most complete list of Metarooms known

This is a work in progress. If you see any errors please contact us on the discord!

The AbyssMkid112Designed to accommodate Magma Norns. Empty except for some objects from vanilla DS.Download
Agent RoomChaniOccupies same coordinates as C3 agent injector. Meant to be used to inject agents that only work in C3.Download
AinardaMerboyOriginally a C2 world, and has the size to match. No injecting agent. Has some plant life, but mostly empty.
Albia: Lost PlacesLiilagent was recompiled and works fine now
The Ancient ArchzarebTwo rooms - one terrestrial, one aquaticDownload
AquamindzarebMap is not expanded by inject script. Platforms are of "walkway" room type, so tubas grow thereDownload
Aquanornia RevampedRisen AngelHas bug fixes and all native life removed. Requires C3 for lift sprites.
Aquatilis CavernaMetacore TeamAll critters are edible except Sherbert Glider. Massive room!
Aquatilis Caverna 2Metacore TeamAlso massiveDownload
Aquatilis PodMetacore Teamsmaller version of Aquatilis Caverna
AquatopiazarebCritters float out of waterDownload
Artemia SeaRisen Angel, MeaBackground from Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys
AsteroidsWatsonAAn interesting case. This is not a useable metaroom, but a minigame, similar to the already existing Space Invaders game in C3Download
Banshee BridgeRaimian, NeoDementNo relation to the Banshee Ark project
BetashipPillaThe grey area at the top leads directly to water. Has a version that is entirely air. Latest version on Github (WIP?)
The BiodomeLiam and othersExtremely customizable by design. Bottom rooms can be changed freely. Lifts are quite buggy, especially bottommost one.
BlockworldAquaSheeFully customizable. Can place blocks of various materials to create custom room layoutDownload
Blue HiveMeaEmpty, and huge! V 1.2 comes with teleporters, warmth, and smells.Download Version 1.2

Download Version 1.1
Bubble ColonyCoryEmpty. Meant to be part of a trilogy, but only 1 room ever finished. Possible to get stuck?Download
Bug's TempleBugEmpty, but very fertile.Download
The BurrowsclohseConversion of slink and Lis Morris's C1 world Terra Nornia. Very buggy.Download
C12DSEemfoo/Lacota, CluckyHas many patches, comes with ports of all C1 breeds. A bit chilly in places. Move the refrigerator if you want creatures to leave the garden.Download
C2 SwampRisen Angel, MetacoreReleased as a demo, but still fairly usable. Only native life is a single type of plant.
C2toDS (Geat masta)Geat mastaAccording to archived download: "The rooms themselves are finished - they're just mostly empty." Moe's version is being actively worked on, unlike this. Music file is missing... Overlaps with C12DS on purpose!Download
C2toDS (Moe)Moe, Liam, volunteersUnfinished. Currently being overhauled. Check latest updates on Github.
C3 in DSEmmental, DataNot technically a metaroom, but a series of agents that can be used to inject C3 rooms in undocked worlds. Requires C3 of course.Download Aquarium
Download Crypt
Download Ettin Desert
Download Norn Terrarium
Download Grendel Jungle
The CanopyCorona, edash, MoeNever released, but in-progress versions leaked. Almost completeDownload
CatallipacSilvak, ZzzzootPart of Children of the Capillata series. Most updated version on GithubDownload
ChioneRisen Angel, MeaEmpty, but has an "official" carrot agent made for it. Cold!Download
DaedalusSilvak, ZzzzootPart of Children of the Capillata series. Most updated version on GithubDownload
Deep AbyssRisen Angel, MeaMostly empty, with some plants
The DenSentinel, HelenNever finished, assets leaked. Actually 2 rooms. Totally emptyDownload
Desert HideoutPilla, Jesseth, CosmiSynth, Arnout, UzagPart of the Banshee Ark series. Elevators are buggy. Sometimes errors?
Desert RuinsAllekha, MeaIf you keep TWBs in here, be sure to give them water. Elevators are spaced too far apart (Creatures want to use doors instead)Download
Devil's ReefGhosthandeInspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Has a puzzle within it. Some deep sea critters are inedible.
DomisphereHype_ChaoHas room for an expansion that was never finished. Lift is buggy, bugs die out quickly, food is unstimulating.
EdynnChaniNot a single metaroom, but a whole game's worth of content. Has its own versions of the standalone kits from earlier games. Never finished, but usable.
Ettin BeachJennie and othersNever finished. EmptyDownload
Evo ShipLiilNot suitable for TWBs in some places and has some areas where it is possible to get stuck. Huge!
Fluffy SpacebugPillaLife to be added at a later date
Freedom ProjectGhosthandeFully customizable. Can place walls and roofs to make custom room layout.
The Garbage DumpedashDesigned for Toxic Norns and similar breeds. No CA links, otherwise functional.Download
GardeniazarebNone of the food emits CAs and the plants have no interact scriptsDownload
Geat MetaroomElle SimonsMeant for use with geats due to wasteland glitch. Only native foods are carrots and mushroomsDownload
The Grendel HideoutUzag, LiamEgg script of a critter clashes with the script of C3 mosquitoes
Grendel MesoPilla, Jesseth, CosmiSynth, Arnout, UzagPart of the Banshee Ark series. Elevators are buggy.
The HubAnnexAllows you to create a teleporter to any room on the shipDownload
The Hunting LodgeMeaInspired by a location described in the Fallow Norn story. Has autovendors for each type of edible.Download
Hydroponics BayBioNorn, TheoRequires C3. Very dangerous by design!Download
InfirmaryLis MorrisFirst third-party metaroom. Requires docked world.Download
The IslandLiam, KaeEbonrai, Vanya, AquaSheeNever officially released. Totally empty room.Download
Jungle HideoutPilla, Jesseth, CosmiSynth, Arnout, UzagPart of the Banshee Ark series. Elevators are buggy. Sometimes errors?
KTGhosthandeCritters must be hit before being eaten. The Sabertooth Norns are meant to go with this room, but are too large for many areas.Download
The Lost CaveBifrost, Moe, LiamFish error a lot
Mermaid CavesNinaInspiration of Aquatilis Caverna. Empty apart from a lemon tree.Download
MonturarriumAli MaggsMini version of Ali's C2 world Montu. Missing interactions for many objectsDownload
MorpheriSilvak, ZzzzootPart of the Children of the Capillata series. Most updated version on GithubDownload
Mt. ThrestleTim, UttarRequires docked world. "DS version" has no background, just stars?
Mushroom CavernsDoringoWork in progress, but usableDownload
Mushroom ForestMalkinHas each type of food source and a toyDownload
NorngardenTomtschekA sound file is missing from the download (napf.wav)
Norngarden 2TomtschekOriginally a paid download. Warning: some of the weeds can kill norns!
Norngarden 4/AquagardenTomtschekAvailable on the honor system
Norngarden HubTomtschekInjected automatically when installing multiple Norngardens (Apart from Xmas, which injects into NG1)
Norngarden XmasTomtschektechnically Norngarden 3
NornhuluzarebLovecraft theme. Apparently brokenDownload
The North PoleNeoDecaturAuthorized by CLabs for their Advent Pack. Needs docked world. Only object apart from the teleporter is some fruit.Download
The NurseryTheo, Daniel DayonRequires docked world
OasisMoe, LiamNot actually suitable for aquatic creatures (brain-unfriendly, bugged slope) Block access to the water if using.Download
OstrovaAli MaggsOriginally paid content. No CA links, all wildlife have scripts taken from vanilla C3, other miscellaneous errors
Other Lone Shee ArkPillaWork in progress, but usable. Latest release on Github.
The ParkMatthew Hayes?Found on archive, creator unknown. Doesn't have an agent. Icon errors. Only one room.Download
Past SeasRisen Angel, UzagUses graphics from C1 and C2
Pearl OceanSpykkie, Ghosthande, RazGrizMade to go with Pearl Mermaid Norn breed. Empty, but meant to be populated with agents included with breed.Download
Photo RoomUttarUsed for taking green-screen images of creatures. Requires docked world.Download
Primordia ReduxGhosthandeVery cold
Random's RoomRandom, MNBEmpty, meant for testing. Each floor has only 1 room in it
Ron's HouseclohseBased off test model for C1 world by Steve GrandDownload
Scribble RoomAquaSheeBackground provided by several community membersDownload
Sea Monkey MarinaclohseBackground from Amazing Virtual Sea-MonkeysDownload
Seaweed TavernBugMostly empty. Has a version with a functional bar
ShroomVilleshadowwalker777Unfinished but usable. Icon doesn't work.Download
Silence FallsRisen Angel, MeaMade to go along with Waterfall Grendels V3
Sky SanctuaryRisen AngelMade to go along with Skyswimmer Grendels. Empty.Download
TerraLiger, Mkid112, MNBUses graphics from C1 and C2
Terra RebornLiger, Mkid112, MNB (Update by Allekha)Uses graphics from C1 and C2. Has no icon!

New version is up to current development standards
Updated Version
Terra PluvialisMoe, LiamAquatic critter can crash the game due to population explosion. Birds maybe can't be interacted with?
Testing RoomPilla, xRAINxOFxBLOODxEmpty, self-explanatory
Transporter RoomedashUtilizes crystal agents to create teleporters to places around the shipDownload
The TropicsMNBHas a switch that causes many plants to become toxic varieties, built-in bacteria killer agent
Universal HubSilvak, ZzzzootPart of the Children of the Capillata series. Meant to be used as a gateway to other rooms in the project. Most updated version on GithubDownload
Useable Agent RoomCosmiSynthAlready present in DS, but inaccessible. Obviously it's empty.
Useable Splash ScreenCosmiSynthAlready present in DS, but inaccessible. Obviously it's empty. Clashes with Norn Terrarium?
VeridiaSoliloquyEmpty, lifts are badly programmed. Most items fall through upper levels.Download
Xmas RoomNeoDementConsidered unusable for a long time due to missing background file, but works now. WIP updated version on GitHub