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The Draconian Norns

These very special norns just won't do without being introduced properly.
So without further ado, I shall present you with...

'Twas a Week After Christmas (How the Draconians arrived in the Grove)

Description: The Draconian norns are a very different breed of norn to those that you may have raised before. Having evolved in a very different environment to that of the Albian norns, there are a number of important differences of which you need to be aware when raising Draconians. When newly hatched, extra care needs to be taken to keep them away from harm as their unfinished bones and scales are weak and fragile, and their immune system hasn't fully adapted to cope with invading bacteria or toxins. They age slower, and live longer - spending roughly 60% more time in each life-stage. They are carnivorous and though they can digest plants, they do prefer meat.
Update - Draconian Norn Arm Fix:
Recently it was noted that there was a problem with the sprite file for the female Draconian arm. If you did not download the Draconian Norns prior to 1/07/03, you may safely download the Draconian Norn zip file from the page linked in the picture above as the egg file HAS been fixed. If you downloaded prior to 1/07/03 you will need to download the Draconian Norn Arm Fix.
Credits: Genetics - Pete the pagan-gerbil a.k.a. Dr.Draconian, CAOS, Sprite management, & Agents - TwilightCat a.k.a. EspressoSnail, Sprites, sounds, entertainment and ideas - Trollop a.k.a. Bug, Webpage framework and Testing - The Aardvark a.k.a. DoubleA, Testing and exclamations of Draconian coolness factor - Ub1111, Secret beta-testing - TreeSprite, General Thanks - About a hundred test draconains who will remain nameless because they were never named!
If you like the Draconian norns you might like to get the Steam Rock, and Bone Toy, as well as Bug's Temple. For even more fun, check out the Draconian's Crazed Warp Mp3

The Amphibian Draconians

These very special norns just won't do without being introduced properly.
So without further ado, I shall present you with...

The Epic Story of the Wendolshee

Description: These guys live on land and in the water... Fish is a great source of food for them and I suggest you try to keep a few crobsters on hand too! Don't forget that like the original Draconians they still need to be kept warm so using a heater, like Bug's Steam Rock, will be good for them. The Amphibian Draconians use the same slot as the regualr dracs so you can have both at the same time, but be sure to remember that you need to have the Original Draconian Norn files in order to see the Amphibian Draconians properly.

UPDATE!: Yurtra has just emailed me the exciting update to the Amphibian Draconians!
The Changes to the Draconian Genome include:

  • Ability to breath underwater as well as on land.
  • Ability to Swim (If Tomtschek's Aqua Garden & Norns are installed on your computer.)
  • Critter Diet.
  • Better ability to get to water.

    F.Y.I.: If you don't have the NG4 & Aqua Norns installed on your machine you'll still need to get the first version of the Amphibian Draconians so that you can use the Creature Breeding Cos file that is contained in the original release.

    1.) Please remember to hatch a regular Draconian norn before trying to hatch an Amphibian Draconian!
    2.) The two cos files that come with the zip file will allow eggs to hatch underwater. If you have both C3, & DS then please place both.
    WARNING! These cos files WILL overwrite the original egg script, so be sure to back up your original cos files!!!
    3.) The cos file named creatureBreeding.cos should be placed in your Creatures 3\Bootstrap\001 World folder. If you don't have C3 then ignore this file.
    4.) The cos file named DS creatureBreeding.cos should be placed in your Docking Station\Bootstrap\010 Docking Station folder.

    Credits: Genetics - Yurtra, The Wendolshee, CAOS - TwilightCat a.k.a. EspressoSnail (Upgraded COS file to allow underwater hatching.), Special Thanks - Trollop a.k.a. Bug (For allowing me to base the Amphibian Draconians on his creation.), General Thanks - Treesprite (for hosting these guys for me, and for helping me with a few ID's)

  • Gremlins!

    Don't forget and accidentally feed these little critters after midnight! ;) Like the Mogwai of the Gremlins movie fame, these norns start life cute and nice like most norns then when it hits adolesence WATCH OUT! There are 3 genomes; red, green, and black. They are different colors so that you can breed them for your own wacky color variations! The Gremlins use both the Bruin, and Grendel sprites.
    Genetics - West_Winds
    TreeSprite Says:
    Remember that since these norns start out looking like bruin norns, they will have Bruin heads remaining in the Creature Selector (The top pull out menu window on the right).


    Alien Norns come with new sprites and a new genome. The sprites take slot T of the norns. Alien Norns are peacable and seldom hit other norns. They can breath under water and their metabolism can cope with detritus and also with alcohol. But they're still receptive to other deseases, so keep those nasty bacterias and sick norns away from them!
    Genetics & Sprites - Alien
    Egg Agent - TreeSprite (with help and encouragement from TwilightCat)
    TreeSprite Says:
    If you are interested in knowing how the Lone Shee found these lovely norns you may read the story in English, or German, and while you are there adopt some lovely colored variations!

    This Alien Egg agent is dedicated to Alien, to show appreciation for all of her efforts on behalf of the whole Creatures Community. Alien, thank you so much for being you, and for making our days playing
    Docking Station & Creatures so much more enjoyable!

    Extra Eggs Packs

    These agents will inject extra eggs for the genome specified in the agent name for use with either muco in DS, or the Egg Layer in C3. The Creature produced will have the genome specified, but will use game sprites which reside in the slot closest to the slot used by the creature in the genome. In other words, your creature will not look like the creature specified in the extra eggs pack name, but will have the proper genome.
    Genome, GNO, and Images copyright Creature Labs/GameWare Europe
    Scripting: Built with care by TreeSprite
    Script De-bugging: TwilightCat
    Testing: Brayen, Corwyn, TwilightCat, and Bug

    TreeSprite Says:
    These are great for use in wolfling runs where the participants don't have all the official breeds, but might be required to hatch norns from them. If you don't have Creatures3 you might also want to grab the extra Bengal, Bruin, and Civet eggs.

    Trident Eggs

    The Trident norns have hibernation genes,and are very angry norns. You might want to keep them away from your other norns if you don't want murder becoming comonplace on your ship.
    Genetics - Bionorn
    TreeSprite Says:
    If, like me, you were disappointed that the original Tridents made by Bionorn didn't actually manage to live underwater, then you'll enjoy using the Aquatic Trident Genome that Amanora created just for those of us who were upset that they weren't actually aquatic. :) I've created an egg agent for those too! You can get them by downloading the zip file under the female Trident's picture, and the regular Tridents by downloading the zip file under the male Trident's picture.