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Docking Station

Bugs Temple Aquatilis Caverna

Bugs Temple

The banshee were a terrible threat to the last lone shee. His norns may have been one of the few remaining, for now they weren't so sure about worlds being so safe. Then, interestingly enough, during this time of utter terror and panic, another stone appeared on the capitilla. It lay in the hub. They all crept up to it, fearing it may be a new trick of the vengeful banshee but it gave off no tangible aura of vile cruelty. Instead.... It felt very primal....

Like time far beyond even that of the shee, beyond the lifetime of the ancients to the very days were the law was marked in blood, and sweat and all things that could live and die and breed. It was a stone from the past. Was this a blessing, or a curse?

One brave norn, a chichi youngster, approached the stone and sniffed it. Smelling the earthy scent, he placed his palm upon it and prompty felt it grow warm and glow bright with greenish fire. Scrambling back, the norns and the lone shee watched as the norn slowly was envoloped in green light.....and he dissappeared! This was very vexing, for the lone shee was already worried he may never see this norn again!
Sprites - Bug, CAOS - TwilightCat, Testing - Ub1111, & TreeSprite
If you like Bug's Temple you might like to get the Draconian Norns, the Steam Rock, and their Bone Toy. For even more fun, check out the Draconian's Crazed Warp Mp3 sound file.

Aquatilis Caverna

According to ancient scribings on the outer caverns, Aquatilis Caverna was created by an ancient race of beings, not unlike the Shee (who are relatively young in comparison). Some say the Ancients will return to claim that which is theirs, and others say that they left to pursue some myterious purpose, never to return. There are also rumours of an ancient race that inhabited the caverns, but whether they are extinct or just hiding is a mystery.
Aquashee: Critter coding
Jennie: Critter coding
MKid112: Critter and plant coding, plant and critter imaging, room mapping
bobingabout: Plant coding
Kim (BloodLuvinGirl): Critter, plant, toy, and background imaging, concepts
nornagon: Room mapping, toy coding, project organizing, concepts
Liam: Toy and plant coding, project organizing, ideas
3kul: Concepts
Knux_Econa: Concepts, project organizer
Daan: Basic concepts at the start of the project
Sent: Web Design, Site Graphics, Intro screen graphics, ideas
Nina: Original Mermaid Caves idea

Download the AC Patch V2 here! Just click the link, unzip the file, and place it in your Docking Station/Images folder.

Download the AC Patch V1 here! I'm not sure if you'll need this; but if V2 doesn't work, then try this as well, and it will.

Download the AC Catalogue File here! And, for the sake of convenience, the AC Catalogue file! Enjoy!