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'Twas a Week After Christmas

'Twas a Week After Christmas - TreeSprite

'Twas a week after Christmas
Or, How the Draconians arrived in the Grove.

'Twas a week after Christmas, and in the norn home at my Grove
All my creatures complained and begged for a stove.
"This gadget's no fun anymore, I don't like when it snows!"
"The only heat in this place is from the reindeer's red nose!"
I sighed heavily, and said, "Well Christmas IS over I guess.",
And I started to remove all the nice Christmas mess.
'Twas then I heard a strange pop and turned round with surprise,
"Hi!" Santa Bug said, "I came with a small Christmas reprise.
I know, I know, it's the start of the new year,
But from the loud complaints of your creatures,
      I'm sure you can use this rock here."
"TreeSprite," said Floral as the creatures gathered round,
"This rock is quite warm, and look here what I've found!"
I strained my eyes to see through the rock's steaming fog...
"Santa's left us a bone what's he think we are, dogs?"
"No, I don't think you're dogs! That's a brand new bone toy
For the norns in the eggs. One's a girl, one's a boy.
Here's a list of their needs.", said Santa with a light aire
"See that they are met. And treat them with care!
Make sure that they're warm, keep them free of disease
As until they're grown they won't handle illness with ease.
Keep plenty of bugs and lots of critter meat nearby,
Eating those critters puts a happy twinkle in their eyes.
They age slower, live longer, and mate later than others.
And they'll kick Grendel butt! They'll make Banshee's shudder!
Yes,The norns in those eggs are quite an interesting pair!"
Santa Bug said while turning to head back to his lair.
Santa disolved into the blue swirling light,
Saying, "Happy New Year's to all, and to all a good night!"
We watched the eggs all night while visions danced in our heads
Of Banshee Grendels running from our new charges
      in fear and much dread.
Floral pointed at the ground as morning came to the Grove
"Look Bramboo shoots, TreeSprite!" she said,
      "But... they don't grow when it's cold!"
"They can by the rock," I said, "it must keep the ground quite hot!
Now I can plant a whole Bramboo fruit crop!"
Just then I turned round. I thought I heard a small scratch.
"Gather round everyone!", I said. "I think they are starting to hatch!"
We listened with anticipation, we all strained to hear
Those small pops, scratching, & crackles
      filled our hearts with great cheer.
Soon came what we'd been waiting for. None of us hung back
More great popping noises, and a resounding large CRACK.
When what to my wondering eyes did appear?
Two Draconian Norns, who promptly ate my reindeer!
I shrugged my shoulders and exclaimed,
      "That's the most interesting way I'd guess,
To clean up the last of your nice Christmas mess!"