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Slink's Treasures
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Slink's Treasures

The New Official Archive of Slink's Collected Works for Creatures & Creatures2!

Seeing through several posts and emailings that there was no place available on the net anymore to download Slink's wonderful Cobs and utilities, I wrote to her requesting permission to post an archival tribute to her. She kindly gave me the go saying, "I'm pleased that someone still gets some use from my old work." Well, we do get some use from it Slink! Not only that, but we love all of it as well! Thank you for letting us keep your work alive to help others to enjoy Creatures as much as we do!

I've also been in contact with Carolyn Horn of "Slink's Specials" fame, and she has given me immeasurable amounts of help and encouragement in my endeavor to get Slink's work re-posted. Carolyn kindly sent me a complete file archive of her website, as well as Slink's original C306 genome files for Creatures2. Such a nice lady! The best news is that Carolyn has graciously given me permission to post her C307 genome as well. Thank you Carolyn!