Creatures 3/Docking Station stimuli list, as improved by fuzzie. Lines in red are stimuli which are/were presumably generated by the engine.

This is not finished. It's probably important to bear in mind that a bunch of these stimuli are left over from Creatures 2.

Number Name Description Source In chichi genome?
0 Disappoint ("Disappointment") Issue to disappoint (punish) a creature for a pointless action (eg. failed to activate) Scripts Yes
1 Pointerpat ("Pointer pats me" User has patted creature Scripts Yes
2 Creaturepat ("Creature pats me") Another creature has patted you Scripts Yes
3 Pointerslap ("Pointer slaps me") User has slapped creature Scripts Yes
4 Creatureslap ("Creature slaps me") Another creature has slapped you Scripts Yes
5 Approaching deprecated ("It approaches DEPRECATED") Object is approaching ? Yes
6 Retreating deprecated ("It retreats DEPRECATED") Object is retreating ? Yes
7 Bump ("I bump into wall") Creature has hit a wall ? Yes
8 Newobj deprecated ("New obj DEPRECATED") New object has come into view ? No
9 Gobbledygook ("Unrecognised word") Heard unrecognised speech ? No
10 Pointerword Heard user speak ? No
11 Creatureword Heard creature speak ? Yes
12 Quiescent Emit PERIODICALLY while quiescent Scripts Yes
13 Activate1 Emit AFTER activation Scripts Yes
14 Activate2   Scripts No
15 Deactivate   Scripts Yes
16 Approach ("I am approaching") Emit PERIODICALLY while watching (after approach phase over) ? Yes
17 Retreat ("I have retreated") Emit AFTER retreat Scripts Yes
18 Get ("I have got") Emit AFTER get Scripts Yes
19 Drop ("I have dropped")   Scripts Yes
20 Expressneed ("I've stated need") Emit AFTER say need Scripts Yes
21 Rest Emit after resting but before falling asleep Scripts Yes
22 Sleep Emit PERIODICALLY while sleeping (later in REST action) Scripts Yes
23 Travwesteast ("I am travelling") Emit PERIODICALLY while walking west OR east Scripts Yes
24 Push ("I've been pushed") Emit AFTER being pushed ? No
25 Hit ("I've been hit") Emit AFTER being hit Scripts (C3) Yes
26 Eat ("I've eaten something") Emit AFTER eating Scripts Yes
27 Ac6 "was teleported" Scripts (DS) Yes
28 Invol0   (flinch) Scripts No
29 Invol1   (laid egg) Scripts Yes
30 Invol2   (sneeze) Scripts Yes
31 Invol3   (cough) Scripts Yes
32 Invol4   (shiver) Scripts Yes
33 Invol5   (slept) Scripts Yes
34 Invol6   ? No
35 Invol7   Scripts No
36 Approaching edge deprecated Emit AFTER moving towards an edge object ? No
37 Retreating edge deprecated Emit AFTER moving away from an edge object ? No
38 Falling deprecated ("Falling through air DEPRECATED") Emit whilst falling under gravity ? No
39 Impact ("Impact post fall") Emit after a collision Scripts Yes
40 Pointeryes Emit after user spoken verb YES ? No
41 Creatureyes Emit after creature spoken verb YES ? No
42 Pointerno Emit after user spoken verb NO ? No
43 Creatureno Emit after creature spoken verb NO ? No
44 Aggression ("I've performed a hit") Emit after performing a HIT Scripts Yes
45 Mate Emit after mating Scripts Yes
46 Oppsex tickle ("I've been tickled by the opposite sex")   Scripts Yes
47 Samesex tickle ("I've been tickled by the same sex")   Scripts No
48 Go nowhere ("Need to stay")   ? No
49 Go in ("Need to enter")   ? Yes
50 Go out ("Need to exit")   ? Yes
51 Go up ("Need to go up")   ? Yes
52 Go down ("Need to go down")   ? Yes
53 Go left   ? No
54 Go right   ? No
55 Reached peak of smell0   ? No
56 Reached peak of smell1   ? No
57 Reached peak of smell2   ? No
58 Reached peak of smell3   ? No
59 Reached peak of smell4   ? No
60 Reached peak of smell5   ? No
61 Reached peak of smell6   ? No
62 Reached peak of smell7   Scripts (C3) No
63 Reached peak of smell8   ? No
64 Reached peak of smell9   ? No
65 Reached peak of smell10   ? No
66 Reached peak of smell11   ? No
67 Reached peak of smell12   (norn?) Scripts (C3) Yes
68 Reached peak of smell13   Scripts (C3) No
69 Reached peak of smell14   ? No
70 Reached peak of smell15   (norn home) ? Yes
71 Reached peak of smell16   ? No
72 Reached peak of smell17   ? No
73 Reached peak of smell18   ? No
74 Reached peak of smell19   ? No
75 Wait ("Patience")   Scripts Yes
76 Discomfort   ? No
77 Eaten plant   Scripts Yes
78 Eaten fruit   Scripts Yes
79 Eaten food   Scripts Yes
80 Eaten animal   Scripts (C3) Yes
81 Eaten detritus   Scripts (C3) Yes
82 Consume alchohol   ? Yes
83 Danger plant Interacted with dangerous plant ? Yes
84 Friendly plant Interacted friendly plant ? Yes
85 Play bug   Scripts (C3) Yes
86 Play critter   Scripts (C3) Yes
87 Hit critter   ? No
88 Play danger animal   Scripts Yes
89 Activate button   ? Yes
90 Activate machine   Scripts Yes
91 Got machine   Scripts (C3) Yes
92 Hit machine   Scripts (C3) No
93 Got creature egg   Scripts Yes
94 Travelled in lift   Scripts Yes
95 Travelled through meta door   Scripts Yes
96 Travelled through internal door   Scripts (C3) Yes
97 Played with toy   Scripts Yes