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Original File 94-pots-from-CoC.zip
Game DS
Creators Zzzzoot Silvak
Wiki Link https://creatures.wiki/Daedalus_Potted_Plants
Tags Plant Food Agent Fruit Seed
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These are the justanut and lemon potted plants from Zzzzoot and Silvak's Children of Capillata metarooms. Uploaded with permission from Zzzzoot.

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::----- readme.txt -----::
***Daedolous Pots***
These are the pots from Deadolous.

Images and Idea by Silvak
Code by Zzzzoot

Copy "cocdaepots.C16" to you images folder.
Copy DAE pots.AGENTS" to your agents folder.

Contact me (Zzzzoot) at *****@gmail.com

Agent Contents

CoC Agents - Pots

These are the Daedolous Lemon and Justanut Pots. Images and Idea by Silvak Code by Zzzzoot


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C16 Preview - cocdaepots[0]
C16 Preview - cocdaepots[0]