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The Working Oven consists of three separate COBs: two create the oven, and an optional room COB which allows things to be placed on and in the oven. Standing in front of the oven lowers coldness, fear and need for pleasure. When pushed, the oven randomly produces one of five different foods. Remover included.

Oven: 2 11 37, 37, (hot) 2 12 90 and 91 (soothing)
Foods: 2 6 90, 91, 92, 93 and 94

Text File Composite

::----- Oven.txt -----::

                  The Working Oven Cob
                Freya´s first compound cob

For questions or comments, contact *****
You´re always welcome for a visit at
Hello norn friends!
Finally it´s finished! Allow me to present my first compound cob. I had to divide it into two cobs (which is the game programmer´s fault, not mine); part one and part two.

What will they do?
Part one consists of a fireplace that stops your norns from freezing. The cool (haha) bit is that it doesn´t increase hotness, only decreases coldness so you can let your norns stay in front of it as long as you like. There´s also a woodcarrier that upon pressing will renew the fire.
When your norn stands in front of the fire it will receive:
Coldness decrease: -150
Sleepiness: +50
Fear decrease: -150
Need for pleasure decrease: -160
When the fire has burned down to coals, the amounts above will decrease.

Part two (stay with me, there´s lots to come:) is an oven that dispends 5 types of food in a random order. The food types are (or skip this if you´d rather be surprised):

Vegetarian pie 
(you didn´t think I´d feed them *meat*, did you? *yuck*)
Starch +200
Coldness -50
NFP -100
Hunger -180

Fruit pastry
Starch +150
Coldness -50
NFP -180
Hunger -100 (well it´s a big pastry)

Starch +100
Coldness -50

Agent Contents

Oven Part 1

Oven Part 2


Oven Part 1 Remover

Oven Part 2 Remover

Oven Room