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::----- Rotten Lemons.txt -----::
Have you noticed that in Albia, food never seems to go off? With this
.COB, it does! Although the lemons that grow naturally won't go off
because of this, you can make your Creatures game more realistic by
putting these lemons (way past their use-by/expiry date - they've even 
gone brown! ewww) in the world.
Put the rotl.spr file in the \Creatures\Images folder and the
Rotten Lemon.COB and Rotten Lemon.RCB into whatever directory you have
put all your other COBs.

You can have as many rotten lemons in your world as you want at a time.

The Rotten Lemons are a food object. They cause a slight fever, but not
enough to make your little creatures seriously sick, a little bit of
pain, hotness and some starch. I know, it would be better for the norns
if there weren't these bad side-effects, but hey, the food has gone
off, so there is going to be some food poisoning. This food might be 
best to give to norns only during food shortages (I know what its like
when the norns have eaten all the carrots and lemons, even when they 
don't really need them, and all the honey pots are being used or you 
just can't remember where you left them, then for some reason you need
to get some food to a norn),  or if you are trying to build up an 
immunity to fevers. Or you might just want a little bit more of a 
challenge in looking after your norns (although it won't really be too
hard to look after the norns after eating this as it isn't *that* bad
for them). It would have made the game easier if I made the lemons give
lots of glycogen so health levels go up to 100% and have no bad side
effects, but I get sick of using some COBs that just make the game too
easy. These are realistic, although not making it too hard.

Thank you for using this COB, and enjoy.


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