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Original File Pie Machine.zip
Game C1
Creator Ettin Shee
Wiki Link https://creatures.wiki/Pie_Machine
Tags Toy Food Agent Vendor
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::----- PieMachine.txt -----::
Pie Machine COB by Ettin Shee

    You can find even more quality COBs at Ettin Shee's Sattelites


Version 1.2! June 25, 2000

New Features:
-Better Graphics, while that may be all I encountered many bugs while
 recoding this COB, I worked on it for a good hour in an air
 conditioned house in a comfy chair! It was crazy!

Scripts used:
- 2 6 80 1
  2 6 80 5
  2 6 80 7
  2 6 80 17
- 2 8 28 1
- 2 13 79 7
- 2 13 80 7

	Finally, a Pie Machine for Albia. It sends out pies, cherry
pies that are high in sugar and very nutritious! Ha ha ha!

	Next COB to be fixed: the Arc of the Covenant

To Install:
1)Well, if you're reading this you've probably already done the first
  step - unzipping the file. Good. Onto step #2.
2)Copy^ "Pie Machine.cob" and "Pie Machine.rcb" into
  the main Creatures folder.
3)Copy^ "pie1.spr" into the Creatures Images folder.
4)Copy^ "roke.wav" and "Beep.wav" into the Creatures Sounds folder.
5)Run Creatures and the object injector and inject that dern machine!

"^"="or cut and paste"

	Any Creature eating the pie will recieve the following:

Agent Contents

Pie Machine