Wooden Toys Pack

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Original File Wooden Toys Pack.zip
Game DS
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Allekha says: "A simple wooden ball, a set of stackable wood blocks, and a large wood spinning top to amuse your creatures."

Submitted by Allekha for CCSF 2014.

Text File Composite

::----- wood toys readme.txt -----::
Made by Allekha. Feel free to distribute as you like as long as I am credited.
Wood blocks basket dispensor sprite was slightly modified from one made by Mea.
Top sprite is modified from a public domain image by Lacen @ Wikimedia Commons.

Agent Contents

Wood Ball

A ball made of wood for your creatures to push around.


Wood Blocks

Some cute blocks made of wood. They stack very nicely - just keep your castles away from your creatures...



A wooden top - just don't get dizzy watching it spin.