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Not nearly as dangerous as it sounds, this merely makes the clock chime when hand or creature pushes it!

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::----- clock.txt -----::
*Clock.cob for CREATURES (C)*

Import this .cob file into CREATURES with the Object Injector. 
This will change the behavior of the clocks in Albia so that they will
chime if Norns, Grendels, or You push it.

Clock uses no object numbers, instead it modifies the previous clock 

Included is a remover.  This will change the clocks back to the way
they were before.

Quantity: 10 pc.
No Expiration


Just copy the .cob files into your CREATURES main directory
and have fun. That's all there is to it.
Feel free to copy this .cob file as much as you like. It's free.

Thanks to Lee Gaiteri ***** for providing CobCom, and to
Alexander Laemmle (alexanderlaemmle@aon) for COE v1.5 TransBORG.
I couldn't have done this without you.

eMail: *****

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