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::----- Slitherer Grendels.txt -----::

These aren't a complete breed. They have changed arm and leg sprites so it looks like they are slithering along the ground. The arms and legs take up Grendel Slot N. You need normal grendel sprites to see the head, body, and tail.

Genetic Features:
*They are amphibious, but prefer to be underwater.
*They feed upon detritus, critters, and seeds.
*Bright waters make them photosynthise.

Installion-put the .c16 files into your "Images" folder. Put the .att files into your "Body Data" folder. Put the .agents file into your "My Agents" folder.

Please, do not host this pack on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail ***** (mom's).

Agent Contents

Slitherer Grendels - Egg Agent


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'n'
	- MALE: [Child]
	- FEMALE: [Child]