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Here is a COB and Norns with altered genomes that makes them susceptible to NIV (Norn Immuno-defiency Virus) that is transmitted sexually. It would be great if someone could develop an anti-retroviral to help the Norns.

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::----- NIV AIDS.txt -----::

by Mike L Anderson

Norn Immuno-deficiency virus is spread sexually and causes Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome. The norns will not typically die from the NIV itself but from other pathogens in the norn environment. The NIV genome is required. It is essentally Andrew Carroll's excellent Circulatory Norns genome with a few genes added to make them susceptible to NIV. The NIV attacks the Killer T cells and other parts of the immune system. Marriage is built into this Cob to make it possible to see the effects of monogamy on the spread of NIV. 

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Extract the Cob file and the allchemical.str fileinto your Creatures 2 Objects directory, the sprite file (extension s16) in the images directory and the ChemGroups file and ChemMixtures files in the Applet Data directory.

Feel free to copy this .cob file as much as you like. It is free and may not be sold. However, it may not be placed on a website without permission.

Thanks to Gordnorn and Rhodent for their terrific BobCob freeware programme which was used to make this COB, to Cyberlife for their wonderful Creatures simulation, to Dr. Sandra Linkletter for her Cob tutorial and of course to Andrew Carroll for his Circulatory Norns.

Mike L Anderson             
E-mail: *****@idz.net    

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Norns pass on a sexually transmitted virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome