Edible, Squishable Balloon Bugs (Outdated)

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Original File 111-ballon-bug-update.zip
Game C3
Creator Malkin
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Updates and fixes the Balloon Bugs in the Desert - a CCSF 2009 release.
NOTE: Not sure if it is the same fix in the Recommended Fixes list or if it is an older one.

Now deprecated, the Improved Desert Terrarium is typically recommended instead.

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::----- BB readme.txt -----::
**Edible, Squishable Balloon Bugs**

This is an edit to Creatures 3's Balloon Bugs, making them more interactive for your creatures.  Creatures can now push, pull, eat and squish the bugs, making them much more entertaining overall.  You may need to teach your creatures to interact with the Balloon Bugs at first.  

To care for your balloon bugs, make sure they have ready access to flowers (2 7 X) as Balloon Bugs feed on them.  Balloon Bugs are part of the ecology of the Ettin Desert and pollinate the Cacbana flowers.  

This file includes Vampess's Balloon Bug Minor Fix which means the balloon bugs don't get stuck hopping around, hunting flowers. The cacbana seeds will proliferate as more flowers are being pollinated, this can be fixed with Vampess's Cacbana Minor Fix (available from Creatures Heaven: http://creatures.virtualheaven.nl/ ) 

The Ettin Seed Bank is based on JayD's Ettin Seed Bank, but uses less energy and makes the balloon bugs with the necessary Creature Permissions behaviour value which permits creatures to interact with the bugs.  JayD's original Ettin Seed Bank is available at Sparkleblue's *****@SeeYou7.Net ( http://www.seeyou7.net/creatures/index.html )

If you are accustomed to using your balloon bug as immortal food for the stickletrout, using this file will not permit you to do that any more. The balloon bugs will be swallowed when they are eaten, and will not remain in the pond. Please increase the amount of bugs in your Norn Terrarium to combat this.  Vampess's Norn Woodland Fix Patch ( http://mobilefieldbase.com/ccsf/?p=302 ) is ideal for this purpose.  Other agents that you may find useful are TwilightCat's butterflies and Hakuna Matata vendor ( http://bugslair.albia2000.com/TC/index.htm ) as are Marcus K's Feuerling (Fire Butterfly) and Feuerameise (Fire Ants) ( http://grendel.creaturesforum.de/index2.htm ).  Alternatively, the Pond Fish Food by Spirit is designed to remain in the pond and feed your stickletrout. ( http://www.creatures.de/c3agents4.htm )

**To Use**
Place the balloon bug.cos file in your Creatures 3 Bootstrap folder.
Place the ettin seed bank.cos file in your Creatures 3 Bootstrap folder.

Any worlds created after you have replaced the cos files will automatically have the new cos files installed.  

Using the CAOS Command Line in your old worlds, install the ettin seed bank first, and type in:
ject "ettin seed bank.cos" 7
ject "balloon bug.cos" 7

Thanks go to Clohse and Grendel Man for first teaching me how to make stuff edible.  

Thanks to Moe for his patience and guidance, and lots of laughs along the way.  

Thanks to Vamp for her generosity of spirit and pearls of wisdom about the philosophy of coding, for investigating the cause of the balloon bugs remaining grounded, and for permitting me to use her fix in this file.  

Thanks go to Ghosthande for her sheer patience throughout the beta testing process and many helpful comments.