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Game C2
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Ever felt the need to let the Norns, Grendels, and Ettins in Creatures 2 eat those pesky doozers? Edible Doozers, created by Markham Carroll, make that possible! Creatures are still able to learn from the doozers, but once the lesson is over... Instant snack!

** Note: The download page also includes a similar variety, the Exploding Doozers, but unfortunately this file was never archived. **

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::----- Edible-Doozer-Readme.txt -----::
* Edible Doozers for Creatures 2 *

This is COB #1 of the Doozer series! Made especially
for Doozer haters!! Although Norns can eat it, they can
still get taught by it!

Quantity: infinity
No Expiration
Unzip this COB to Creatures 2/Objects/

Made by Markham Carroll. Please visit Markham's Norn Land
at: http://www.angelfire.com/mn/booga2000/index.html

*  e-mail: *****@pacbell.net  *
*              or              *
*    *****@angelfire.com   *

Agent Contents

Edibal Doozers

# 1 of the Doozer Series. They are Doozers that walk, talk, and get chomped. Created by: Markham Carroll