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::----- BunchaStuff.txt -----::
BunchaStuff by Mr_nStuff (Updated 5-11-99)
REQUIREMENTS: creatures2 latest Injector!

No new script numbers.

This Updated version fixes some of the stuff
and adds a couple new neato stuff(s) to it.

This is just a pack full of a bunch of stuff
that I find usefull.. All of them are separate
and will show up as individual COBs in your
injector kit.

INSTALL: Put the BunchaStuff.COB file in your
                      creatures\OBJECTS folder!

 SHOOTING: 1) No problems so far.

     E-MAIL: *****@yahoo.com

Agent Contents

Drive Reducing Drug

Not good, but comforting. Watch your Norns face light up!

Drinking Update

This is a new update for the drinking fountains in C2version 1.0.38 which solves a problem with the water sound not fading for the seltzer bottle. Also removes some unnecessary extra scripts.


Slap & Tickle Update

Updates the slap and tickle to make there reactions less random. Tickles decrease the need for pleasure. If a Norn is in pain or upset when tickled, he may vocalize pain or stress instead of giggling.

Purple Doozer Update

Update for 1.0.38 the Puple Doozer below the incubator cave. This update programs him to deal with other plants and fruits other than tomato's.


Egg layer

Install forces the selected Creature to Attempt to lay her egg. And if that doesn't work for her, the Remove will perform a C-Section. I do not recommend using the Install more than once per pregnancy. Nor do I recommend using the C-Section while a pregnant creature is attempting to lay the egg her self.

Jellyfish Update

Another critter that dispenses cheese! Yea!


Death Script Update

Modifies Death Scripts so that Grendels and Ettins die like Norns. Also fixes the problem with Creatures becoming super corpses that never float away.

Wall Avoidance

Encourages creatures to walk the other way when they hit a wall by triggering certian sense lobes in the brain. Pushes them farther away from the wall than Normal. If they persist they will become sleepy. Does not injure them. This still incorporates the Walk-off-Boats scripts made by *****@tesco.net.

Target Random ALL

Targets a different Creature every 1000 ticks.

Target Random Norn

Targets a different Norn every 1000 ticks.

Sex it up Ettin

Injects all Ettins with the right chemicals, tells them to mate, forces mating script, and makes them all encourage one another with a couple words.

Sex it up Grendel

Injects all Grendels with the right chemicals, tells them to mate, forces mating script, and makes them all encourage one another with a couple words.

Sex it up Norn

Injects all Norns with the right chemicals, tells them to mate, forces mating script, and makes them all encourage one another with a couple words.

Say Need Wacky

This does the same as the Say Need Update except for this one changes how a Norn poses during expression. Remove is the same except for they will say the need everytime like default. Use the Say Need Update remove button for total default scripts.

Say Need Update

Creatures still express their needs as much as before, but they do not say it out loud everytime. Remove is for default. You can click the install as many times as you wish to force a creature to say his most pressing need out loud.

Queen Ant Update

Makes it possible to move the queen ant. So if you see that she is stuck somewhere you can help her! Only works on Queen ants that are visible in Albia, not the one's occupying a nest. Remove will set it back to normal.

Medical Dispensor

Turns the small tree house into the doctors perscription dispensor. Also self dispenses a treat the first and middle morning of every season.


Two Door Update

Changes the lava room door and terrarium door so that Creatures can't close them. This prevents them from becoming trapped inside the rooms. No removal scripts.

Kill Object!

Kill whatever your holding! Simple ojects only.

Grendel Scarey Mask

Scares your Norns when they activate it. Sends all Grendels and Ettins to the mask.

Get Target!

Pickup the target creature.


Freeze the target creature until the COBs remove is used. When a creature is frozen it no longer receives updates or external stimuli. If one of my HoloDoc versions is running it will automatically unfreeze creatures 1 by 1.

Floating Creatures

Makes all the Creatures in Albia impervious to gravity and most boundries. They seem pretty dang content with this! Remove sets it to default.

Egg Pauser

Pause and Unpause thoughs preNorn semi spherical thingies. Pause ( Inject ) Saves tick Unpause ( Remove ) Loads saved tick

Eat it! Default

Changes the extra push and pull scripts back to default.

Eat it!

Updates the creatures extra activates 1 and 2 to make them eat food/fruit when they try pushing it or pulling it! They still think they pushed or pulled, but the tummy knows . You will find your Norns eating alot more often!

Deadly Cap Update

Makes thoughs glycotoxic mushrooms nurishing and yummy. Changes them to Plant and Fruit instead of BadPlant. Fruit Script#2 25 107 Plant Script#2 4 106


Slap & Tickle Default

Default Slap and Tickle scripts.

Update Action 0

Forces creatures to drop what they are carrying when they are startled. Helps with creatures that don't let go of stinging bees nStuff like that.

Update Action 0 Def

Default involuntary action 0 version 1.0.38