Say Need No More

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Original File Say Need No
Game C2
Creator GimmeCat
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Tags Agent Removal Agent Patch
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Don't you just hate it when your creatures constantly stop, pose and say, "me extrmly boop, doodaa"? At high drive levels, it becomes a constant distraction. Norns will spend more time standing around, complaining about their needs, instead of actually looking for objects to satisfy them.

This COB essentially blanks out the Say Need scripts, skipping this action entirely and giving them more opportunity to "doodaa" like they really want to. They WILL still respond to "what" and "why", and will still say things like "me eat fruit" or "push toy" as normal. They just won't interrupt themselves every five seconds to express how hungry they are.

Inspired by a mention here of an old script from 1998, that apparently made a similar change, only it appears that script is no longer available online. I did find an alternative over at Creatures Unlimited, however. That one doesn't entirely remove the script, just lowers its importance and makes it less annoying. Use theirs if you still want to occasionally see Norns "talking to God", otherwise use this one.

Agent Contents

Say Need No More

Prevents Norns from constantly stopping to express themselves, giving them more time to actually DO SOMETHING about their pressing needs. Use the Restore version to undo.

Say Need Restore

If you regret removing the Say Need spam, this will restore those scripts to their former state.