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This makes some changes to the scripts controlling the tomatoes so that creatures do not try to eat them when they are growing, which might otherwise lead to confusion. Also, a problem is fixed where the plants would sometimes get stuck in a particular pose.

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::----- Modified Tomatoes.txt -----::
This COB makes the tomatoes less confusing to creatures by stopping them trying to eat tomatoes that have already been eaten. I have noticed that norns are often quite happy to eat every tomato in sight when I am using these modified scripts.
If you try this COB and prefer the tomatoes the way they were, there is also a COB included that restores the original scripts.

This COB is based on the original CyberLife scripts, and I take no credit for this part of the work. However, it does include corrections/adjustments to the code that I considered appropriate to create more consistent and less confusing interaction with creatures.



Agent Contents

Modified Tomatoes

Less confusing to creatures.


Original Tomato Scripts

Restores original scripts.