Gene Splicer Mission Power-Ups

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Original File Gene Splicer Mission
Games C3DS
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With this script, the player cannot create Astro, Harlequin, or Zebra Norn eggs immediately on game start, instead needing to do like the Lone Shee did and experimenting with gene splicing. Each breed has a respective "mission power-up", which unlocks the breed when activated. Unlike normal power-ups however, mission power-ups cannot be activated by having a norn push them, instead requiring the player to perform certain actions in order to activate each of them. These objectives can be found out simply by clicking on the mission power-up (as you would do to find out the instructions of a blueprint).

To install the Gene Splicer Mission Power-Ups, extract the new egg agent files for the Astro, Harlequin and Zebra Norns into your "My Agents" folder, and place the .cos files in their respective bootstrap folders (remember to backup your original files first).

The egg agents utilize the Farbe genome, which is based on the CFE one. You can read more about the Farbe genome here.

Only works with docked worlds.

Thanks to Grendel_Man and kezune for their help in fixing issues with previous versions.

Agent Contents

Astro Norn - Egg Agent

Zebra Norn - Egg Agent

Harlequin Norn - Egg Agent