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::----- nornday readme.txt -----::
Readme for  Norn and Grendel Day Ball

This COB was made especially for the participants of Norn and Grendel Day, May 23, 1998.  Norn and Grendel Day was a special day when everyone  gave their Creatures lots of extra love and attention.  Show your Creatures that you care!  Make every day a Norn and Grendel Day!

Please copy the .cob file into your Creatures folder and copy the .spr file into the Images folder. 

The Norn and Grendel Day Ball is a "toy".

Need for Pleasure decrease:     50
Loneliness decrease:            50
Fear decrease:                  50
Boredom decrease:              100

Quantity: 255
No expiration.

Family:         2 
Genus:         13 
Species:      233
Class:   34466048

This COB was created with Alexander Laemmle's Creature's Object Editor 1.5  (Thank you, Alex!!!)

This COB is free, and you may offer it on your own website if you wish.
We would appreciate it if you mention that you got it from Spotling and/or add a link to our website.

Please visit Spotling's Norn and Grendel Paradise!
e-mail us at *****

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