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::----- ripley.txt -----::


                         from the Norn Underground


Sex: F          Breed: 2 (blonde)               Life stage: Baby

Vocabulary:     All 16 verbs                    Occupation:
                "plant"                           Grendel fighter

Genetic Modifications:                          Moniker: 9opb

    Beowulf gene -- 8 variations                Genes: 341
        Push/stop Grendels for no reason
                       ... when angry
                       ... when afraid
                       ... when in pain
    G-defense gene
    Pain herb gene
    Fever herb gene
    Cough Medicine B
    Active Antibodies 2, 4, and 7
    Forest/Ron common instincts
    Ron turnase-producing stimuli
    Ron turnase reaction
    Ron "fight when cornered" instinct

Ripley was created by blending two of the original egg genetic files and then
editing the result to incorporate new genes. A COB was used to inject an egg
with her specific genetic moniker.
Because Ripley's Grendel-fighting instincts are a bit touchy, it took three
attempts to make a good mix. Her first incarnation had only 2 Beowulf gene

Creature Contents

Name: Ripley
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female