Centaur Ettins

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Fact Value
Original File CentaurE.zip
Game C2
Creator Hackabit
Wiki Link https://creatures.wiki/Centaur_Ettin
Tags Sprite Breed Ettin Genetics
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Text File Composite

::----- CenEttin.txt -----::
this package contains the body and leg Sprites and ATT for type Z Ettin in 555 format. If 565 format is needed then youll have to convert them yourself. CentaurEttin(head and arms use type A Ettin) if you dont have the type "A" female ettin sprites do NOT hatch the "FemaCE.egg" which is the female.
 Also if you plan on using the female then use DOS commands to make a copy of the sprites for female use. (you can rename using WIN if not familiar with DOS capabilities)
xcopy  \?20z.att  \?60z.att
xcopy  \?20z.s16  \?60z.s16

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Ettin: 'z'
	- MALE: [Child]