Grendel Ettin EggLayer Remover

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Fact Value
Original File Grendel-Ettin Egglayer
Game C2
Creator GimmeCat
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Tags Grendel Ettin Agent Removal Agent
File Size: 5 KB

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Really, actually, seriously gets rid of the Grendel/Ettin spawning machines and all currently existing eggs. (Emphasis because some older cobs floating around only do one or the other, not both!)

Agent Contents

Grendel/Ettin machine remover

Removes the Grendel and Ettin egg layers and associated scripts.

0 Grendel Egg-Layer Remover

Removes the Grendel egg-layer and destroys all existing Grendel eggs.

0 Ettin Egg-Layer Remover

Removes the Ettin egg-layer and destroys all existing Ettin eggs.