Cheesey Socks

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Game C1
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Injects a single cheesey sock into the hand. Creatures eating a sock (ew!) receive starch, and a reduction in boredom and need for pleasure. If uneaten, a sock will make creatures near it a little bit sleepy. Uses class number 2 6 162.

Text File Composite

::----- Sock Cheese.txt -----::
* Cheesey Socks V1.0 *
by Steve Dismukes *****

Fig the Grendel has remarkably smelly feet, even for a Grendel. This 
personal odour problem is increased when he wears sweat socks, which 
he does at night to keep his scaly green toes warm. Only recently, however, 
were the strange properties of these stinky socks discovered, and quite by 
accident. I noticed that creatures that hang around one of Fig's discarded 
socks inexplicably fall asleep, as if the noxious odours were knocking them 
out. Other creatures discovered that in fact Fig's old socks are quite good 
to eat, being high in fibre, and low in saturated fat.

What will the files do?

Sock Cheese.COB

This COB injects a single cheesey sock into the Hand.

Creatures which eat a cheesey sock will experience:

Need for Pleasure: -50
Starch: +50
Boredom: -75

Creatures near a cheesey sock will experience +5 Sleepiness every 50 ticks.

Sock Cheese.RCB
Remover for the Sock Cheese

Sprite file for the Sock Cheese Vendor and cheesey socks.

How do I use this cob?
1.Open your Creatures directory.
2.Copy the files "Sock Cheese.COB" and "Sock Cheese.RCB" into the Creatures 
  main directory.
3.Copy the file "sock.SPR" into the Creatures/Images directory.
4.When running Creatures, use a Cob Injector to inject the cob. 

Agent Contents

Sock Cheese v1.0