Singing Elvis Statue

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Original File Singing Elvis
Game C1
Creator SteerPike
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Tags Toy Agent
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Installs a statue of Elvis in front of the greenhouse. When pushed, all creatures within earshot receive large amounts of energy and sex drive increase, while getting a reduction in tiredness and loneliness. (Unfortunately, use of the energy chemical will also push pain levels up in standard norns.) Creatures see it as a shower/comfort object. Uses class 2 12 72. Remover included.

Text File Composite

::----- Elvis.rtf -----::
This is a Statue of Elvis 
 Elvis will make the norns less tired, less lonely and 
 extremely amorous. 
 Copy the SPR file to the CREATURES/IMAGES directory 
 Copy the WAV file to the CREATURES/SOUNDS directory 
 I have included an Elvis.RCB file 
 This is a SHOWER object. 
 Family 2 - Genus 12 - Species 72 
 Class 34359296 
 Please notify me of any problems that you may encounter with this COB 

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