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::----- Christmas98.txt -----::
(c) CyberLife Technology Ltd 1998

Christmas Pack 98

Welcome to the CyberLife Christmas pack, a selection of festive items to bring seasonal joy to Albia. This pack should have the following three items in it:
Christmas_98.cob	< this COB file will be placed into your Creatures2/images folder and will appear in your agent injector.
Santa.exe	< this contains Santa and all the files he needs to be viewed. You should find a Santa.exp file in your creatures2 folder after this executable is run.
Christmas98.txt	< you're reading it now.

The objects you can now inject are as follows:
Grendel Frost	< this will cool down your world as the spirit of Ice Grendel dances in Albia. This cooling effect will allow snow to fall.
Fairy Lights	< Injects a string of a fairy lights in the incubator area. You can clone a string of lights by clicking on it - the copy can then be placed wherever you want them. All lights are controlled by the control box which dictates the flash sequence the lights use.
Turkey		< festive food for creatures
Christmas Pudding	< and some deserts too
Santa's Little Helper< a festive  look learning critter
Fairy God Mother	< A little fairy who will make your creatures feel better with a wave of her wand.

Happy Christmas

Agent Contents

Christmas Fairy Lights

Christmas lights to brighten up the homestead. Create more lights by left clicking on them. Click on control box to change light pattern.

Christmas Turkey

Christmas Turkey for Norn enjoyment.


Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding for finishing off the feast.


Santa's Lttle Helper

A festive elf critter for your learning enjoyment


Grendel Frost

The spirit of Grendel weaves a weather dance across Albia and brings on the snow. Remove him and the world will slowly warm up again.

Christmas Presents

A selection of gift boxes with mystery presents inside. You can not inject any presents if there are already some in the world ... that would be greedy!


Fairy Godmother

This fairy will fly around near creatures, waving her wand when the mood is right and making everyone feel better.