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Original File Bumba Plant.zip
Games C3DS
Creators TwilightCat Bug
Wiki Link https://creatures.wiki/Bumba_Plant
Tags Plant Food Agent Seed Fruit
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::----- Readme.txt -----::
Bumba Plant (A Creatures 3 and Docking Station agent)

Guess who's been playing with the splice-O-matic again!!
^_~ A new plant for your enjoyment.

Sprites by Bug
Caos by TwilightCat

Contact TC by e-mail at *****@hotmail.com

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Mairenn/Creatures Unlimited
Creatures Unlimited & Creatures Community Centre
(Kathira, Mairenn, Phil)

Agent Contents

Bumba Plant

The strange and slightly demented Shee has been playing with her handy dandy Splice-O-Matic again! Just look at what she's created now, a small plant...