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::----- pallid_ettin_readme.txt -----::
Pallid Ettins for C2 (2.0)

This readme contains detailed information about the care and feeding of
Pallid Ettins, plus installation instructions for the breed.

If this file was not contained in a Breed Installer program, but came
in a ZIP with a bunch of other files, you will probably need to place 
all those files in their appropriate directories before you can hatch 
a Pallid Ettin:

          ATT files : Creatures 2/Body Data
          S16 files : Creatures 2/Images
          GEN files : Creatures 2/Genetics
          EGG files : Creatures 2/Eggs
          EXP files : Creatures 2

In the lightless depths of Albia, mutants arise...

Eyeless and extremely sensitive to sunlight, the Pallid Ettins survive 
in the darkest caverns, and prefer the steamy depths of the Volcano to 
the searing heat and brightness of the surface.

Any strong source of light causes injury and eventual death, so keep 
these Ettins underground!  These Ettins do not have instincts to avoid 
light; they have spent their entire lives deep beneath the surface of
Albia and have never before been exposed to anything brighter than the 
dimness of the Volcano.

If your Pallid Ettin ventures above ground or into an area of bright 
light, their health will drop and they will begin to act as if they are
in great pain.  Death results after about five to ten minutes of 
exposure.  If the Ettin is returned to a dark area, it should recover
with a little bit of tender loving care.

They can survive quite well in the Swamp and surrounding areas, and are 
safe in most of the dimly lit Hatchery.  The submarine bay on the far
right of the Hatchery is a bit too bright for them, so gating it off
beyond the elevator may be a smart idea.  However, it is a good place 
to test both their reaction to light and your ability to take care of 

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Ettin: 'u'
	- FEMALE: [Child]
	- MALE: [Child]

Creature Contents

Name: Emma
Genus: Ettin
Gender: Female


Name: Emo
Genus: Ettin
Gender: Male