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::----- ngx-readme.txt -----::
****The Norngarden Xmas Room ***

Version 1.1
The Norngarden Xmas Room is a new Metaroom for DS (Should work in C3 standallone too but is not heavyly tested here and does not have a favorit place icon for example in C3 standallone). 

To install it you simply drag the ngx.agent and the ngxre.agent into the "My Agents" folder and insert it like any other agent. TO remoove it you insert the Ng Xmas Room Remover Agent which should do the job.  

If you install the room with the Norngarden Room present it will create a door to the new room. Otherwise you will only have a teleporter to acces the Xmas room. 

Do not remove or add the Norngarden1 Room with Ngx in the game. Remove it first, then add or remove the Norngarden and then add the Xmasroom again.

Version 1.1
removes a bug in the snowglobe machine and some other minor bugs.

Mkid112: The Pokle, Presentpods, Hollyweed.
Tomtschek: Room Layout, Room Enviroment, Doors, Teleporter, Snowglobe agents, Big Xmas-Apple Tree, the flower scripts, updated NG1 agents, Pokle dispenser, 

Mkid112: Presentpods, Hollyweed, The red flower
The rest is done by Tomtschek

For Updates and Expansionpacks check the Norngarden Website 

If you encounter any errors please mail us

Agent Contents

Ng Xmas Room 1.1<>

A verry special Xmas Surprise for Norngarden fans. If NG1 is injected you will find a door to the new room. Otherwise use the teleporter.(1.1 version removes a bug within the snowglobe machinery)


Ng Xmas Room Remove<>

Inject this agent to remove the Norngarden Xmas Room from your game. Take care! Everythin in the room will be lost. Even norn!