Pearl Mermaid Norns

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Original File Pearl Mermaid Norns
Games C3DS
Creators Spykkie Razgriz
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Tags Sprite Breed Norn Agent Genetics Creature Export
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Text File Composite

::----- Pearl mermaid Info.txt -----::

-Put the .c16 files into the images folder.
-Put the .att files into the bodydata folder.
-Put the .gen and .gno files into the Genetic folder.
-Put the .agents file into the agents folder.
-Put the norns into my creatures folder.

-This breed takes up Norn slot S ;
-This breed is amphibious;
-The babies are born with legs, they grow the mer-tail later in life.
-Because of the trick used to make the mermaid tail possible, their atts have 
been modified quite a bit, and they may not crossbreed well with other breeds.
-Did you know old age as an interesting effect on merfolk? ;)

Breed and sprites by Spykkie 


Special thanks to Norngirl for in-game testing and Razgriz for genetics and
agent coding!

<*)))<           <*)))<
          <*)))<              <*)))<

Agent Contents

Pearl Mermaid - Egg Agent


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 's'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- MALE: [Old]
	- FEMALE: [Old]

Creature Contents

Name: Diamon
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male


Name: Pearlerella
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female

Breed Images

Breed Slot C3NS
Breed Slot C3NS
Breed Slot C3NS
Breed Slot C3NS

Other Images

Creature - Diamon
Creature - Diamon
Creature - Pearlerella
Creature - Pearlerella