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A windows command line program to compile, de-compile and convert* the main creatures sprite formats SPR, S16, C16, BLK

Can compile PNGs with transparency as well as the traditional BMP

*Capable of converting breeds between games including ATTs

Update 0.1.10: Added --samesize flag to convert-breed command to make all images in a body part sprite the same size.

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::----- ReadMe.md -----::
# Creature's Sprite Util

Command line tools for parsing, compiling or converting Creatures sprite files

## Basic Information
This is a command line program, and must be run from the CMD program. Be aware of your current working directory,
as all non-absolute paths will be relative to it.

To use this utility, copy `sprite-util.exe` to the folder of your choosing and  
optionally add this directory to your PATH variable.

Executable can be referenced by absolute path or relative path if not added to the system PATH variable.

Say I copied my `sprite-util.exe` file to `C:\Users\Gandalf\Documents\Creatures\Utils`. When I want to compile a sprite, I could reference that executable by relative or absolute path. Now to compile a C16 with all of my sprites in my `C:\Users\Gandalf\Documents\Creatures\Projects\SuperVendor\images` folder into the parent `SuperVendor` folder I could: ```console > cd C:\Users\Gandalf\Documents\Creatures\Projects\SuperVendor > ..\..\Utils\sprite-util compile C16 super-vendor.c16 images\*.png ``` The `sprite-util` utility allows for the following sub-commands: --- ### Base Commands **[compile](#compile)** Compile raw PNG and BMP images into a Creatures' sprite file. Supports SPR, S16, C16 and BLK **[parse](#parse)** Output sprite image contents as PNG. Supports SPR,S16,C16, and BLK **[convert-sprite](#convert-sprite)** Convert sprites between the main formats: SPR, S16, and C16 **[convert-breed](#convert-breed)** Convert a breed's images (and optionally its ATTs) from one game to another <...truncated>