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Fact Value
Original File Terra Reborn Updated DS.zip
Game DS
Creators Allekha Moe MNB Liger Mkid112
Wiki Link https://creatures.wiki/Terra_Reborn
Tags Food Toy Plant Metaroom Medicine Fruit Critter
File Size: 2.74 MB

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A new (as of 2022) edition of Terra Reborn, updated closer to the Creatures Development Standards and with various bugfixes.

Text File Composite

::----- Terra Reborn Updated readme.txt -----::
The original Terra Reborn metaroom was created by Liger, MKid112, and MNB, then later moved by Moe. While it is a lovely room, it had several issues such as clashing filenames and did not follow modern Creatures development standards, so I (Allekha) have updated it.

List of changes:
-Added CA links
-Added CALC to closing door script to deal with potential CA errors (note that this might cause a brief lag in larger worlds)
-Added a signpost for easier access
-Additional chemicals removed from eat/hit/pickup scripts
-Changed image filenames to reduce clashing with other agents
-Removed bad stims from buttons and added press button stim for creatures
-Removed bad stims from lifts
-Potions changed to only give water (they previously gave a mix of life, tiredness + sleepiness reduction, and protein), had their properties adjusted, and made infinite-use
-Fixed second banana plant never fruiting
-Plants given pull/push/hit stims and made visible to creatures
-Most agents with tick scripts had their scripts set to run less often
-Fixed spikotous being unable to progress in life-cycle (I simply removed its requirement to be in a specific area)
-Added other misc behaviors and scripts to match CDS
-Tweaked the lower-left platform so that creatures can no longer walk off it (you will still need to provide a way of getting there)

Agent Contents

Terra Reborn Updated

The orginal Terra Reborn was created by Liger, MKid112, and MNB, then moved by Moe. Now with patches by Allekha.