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::----- GeckoEggs.txt -----::
Eggs for the C3DS Gecko Norn

If, like me, you just love those Gecko norns then why not add them 
to the egg layer. This update will also fix the problem with Gecko 
norns hatching from the Grendel egg layer.


Wafuru's fabulous Gecko Norn from Adventures in Nornsitting (!/)


1. Download the original Gecko Norn and unpack all the files as 
   normal except for gecko.gen
2. If already present, delete gecko.gen from your "Genetics" folder
3. Copy "GeckoEggs.agents" from this zip file into "My Agents"
4. Load the game and hatch a new Gecko Norn as it's all done!

Please to not redistribute this zip file or its contents.



Agent Contents

Gecko Norn - Egg Agent