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Original File Sphinx_Norn_(C2).zip
Game C2
Creator Snapdragon
Wiki Link https://creatures.wiki/Sphinx_Norn
Tags Sprite Breed Norn
File Size: 1.88 MB

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Text File Composite

::----- sphinx-readme.txt -----::
Snapdragon's SPHINX NORNS
Sphinx Norns originate from the arid grasslands beyond the mountains
of Albia. Their camouflage stripes and sharp wits help keep them safe 
from Tiger Grendels (and rug merchants).

Wild Sphinxes are born golden-brown. They will begin to develop their
charcoal-grey markings as they grow up. They are a cheerful outdoors
sort and prefer the gardens and desert to being shut up inside! A word
of warning: Sphinxes don't understand the danger of water. In their
natural habitat it is only found in pitcher plants and marshes and they
have no instincts to avoid it. Make sure the seas are adequately 
fenced off!

They have no instinct to eat processed food, preferring grubs and 
fruit. But they can probably be trained to eat food in captivity! They
are also very sociable, so please don't keep them on their own, or
they'll get lonely!

You should have two executable files, sphinx1 and sphinx2. To install the
Sphinx Norns on your computer, all you need to do is double-click on these
files. The next time you run Creatures 2, you should find two slightly
oblate reddish eggs, slashed with yellow, in your Hatchery.

Technical details: the genome is based on Lis Morris's and Chris Double's
Canny Norn genes. 

by Snapdragon *****@yahoo.co.uk)

DISTRIBUTION POLICY: Feel free to distribute the zip files, PROVIDING
they are in their original form and contain this text file, among your
friends, but please do not post them on any website without my 
permission. You can put post exported norns which are all or part
Sphinx on websites if you wish.

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 'x'
	- MALE: [Child, Youth]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Youth]