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Creator Soliloquy
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Veridia is a lush garden world, perfect for your Norns, Ettins and Grendels to play in!

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::----- Veridia.txt -----::
Veridia by Soliloquy


Moe: Elevator Script
Liam: Coding, Mapping and Prodding
Ghosthande: Prodding and General Help
Rain: Beta Testing
CC Chat: General encouragement!

This gorgeous, meadow-themed metaroom is a wonderful addition to any world. Fantastic for flying species and wolfling runs, Veridia features several levels and is ready to be populated with whatever plants and animals you desire! Created by soliloquy for the CCSF 2011.

platforms/wooden kitchen, lifts - CLabs
brush/bushes -
starfield -
little trees -
right hand tree -
grass texture -§ion=&q=grass#/d188zr
day sky -
cloud brushes -
Mushrooms -
background trees -
tall grass -
short grass -§ion=&q=moss#/dpob7l

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