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Original File DS Remover Pack.zip
Game DS
Creator MNB
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::----- RM_PackDS.txt -----::
Remover pack V1.0 for Docking Station -- RM_PackDS.txt - 7/26/2001


Big thanks to Emmental for hosting this to!

To use this agent you must have DS, Docked or un docked! The 
Aqua eco remover and Desert eco remover an be used on C3 also!


Put all files into your Docking station Agent folder,
there should be a total of 3 agent files. Start up Docking Station,
go to your agent creator and you will find 3 new agents: 
-Aqua Eco Remover
-Desert Eco Remover
-DS extra remover

Warning: Once this is injected you will lose your most of your 
eco system (see list below for more details).


    Aqua Eco Remover (This is for Emmentals C3 Aqua room in undocked DS, inject
this after you have injected the area, you can still bring these all back
by using the animal maker)

-Gumlin Grass
-Opal Sponge
-Orange Sponge
-Cuttle Fish
-Rainbow Sharkling
-Clown Fish
-Handel Fish
-Man-O-War eggs
-Orange sponge seeds

Agent Contents

Extra Remover

<This will remove all the Extra stuff in DS making the game go a bit quicker!>

Desert Eco Remover

<This will remove all the eco system in the desert for DS undocked!>

Aqua Eco Remover

<This will remove all the eco system in the Aqua area for DS undocked!>