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This cob is useful for making screenshots and cutting them down for web page images. It is invisible to your norns, and really does nothing but sit there.

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::----- Creatures 2 Backdrop Cob.rtf -----::
Creatures 2 Backdrop Cob 
 By Julianne Hathaway 
 Please do not post this on any website without permission. 
   This object is inspired by the wonderful objected created for Creatures 1 by Martha Brummett.  This is my Creatures 2 version and it has been created with Martha’ s knowledge and permission.  Thanks, Martha! 
   Unzip the Backdrop.cob file into your Creatures 2/Objects directory and you’  re ready to go!  The images are in 565 format.  If your computer uses 555 format, then unzip the Backdrop555.cob file into your Creatures 2/Objects directory.  You can feel free to rename it to Backdrop.cob for convenience if you wish. 
   The object is simply a block of solid color that sits behind your norns in Creatures 2.  You can use it as a plain background for making scr eenshots and cutting them down for web page images.  It produces a natural pose of your norn, allowing you to capture just that right moment when he looks his cutest!  Just inject the backdrop and place it behind any norn you choose.  This cob is availabl e in three colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow.  This is to ensure that your norns do not blend with the background and to ensure that other items in your screenshot do not have the same color as the backdrop.   
 For lack of a better category, this object is a ‘ toy’ . 
   This object is invisible to your norns, and really does nothing but sit there.  It will stay wherever you place it, and will stay in your screen as you follow your norns.  It sits in front of some things, and behind others.   
 If you have any questions/problems with this object, please feel free to email me at ***** 

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