Ugly Mushroom Remover

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Original File uglymrem (2).zip
Game C2
Creator Spirit
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Removes the poisonous deathcap mushrooms from Albia.

Text File Composite

::----- C2README_UP!.txt -----::
Ugly grey mushroom remover
Creature 2 cobs: 

***Important Note****

 Because of the use of two different graphics formats in Creatures I have included two .S16 (sprite) files to accomodate
people with either type,555 or 565.
 Since my computer uses the 555 format that's the one present in this zip file unzipped.
The 565 version is included in it's own zip within *this* one and will have the numbers 565 in the zip name.
 The actual sprite names are the same,hence one needing to be zipped.Just install one and if it doesn't look right when injected into the program,unzip the other into the /Creatures 2/Images directory,letting it over-write the first,that should correct the problem.
 The reason for the graphics file differences is to allow support of more types of graphics adapters.

Also please note:
The  .COB  files now have the removers built directly in so there is no longer a need for .RCB files.

These will only work with Creatures 2 and not Creatures 1.

You may notice that there are some cobs used in each of my cobs,they are programmed to give 255 but since I zip them up directly out of my Objects directory after I've thoroughly  tested each and every one,that's the way I make sure the correct version is zipped for upload, some are going to be used and at present there is no way to replentish the cob stocks,but all you have to do is hold on to this zip file and just re-unzip the cob file right out of here and into the Objects directory,letting it over-write the used up one and you'll have plenty.:)

To install:

Place the .COB file into your /Creatures 2/Objects directory.

If included :

Place  .s16 files into your /Creatures 2/Images directory.
Place  .WAV files   into your /Creatures 2/Sounds directory.

You are free to distribute this cob  provided 
that this text file is included with each of the cobs and proper credit is given.


Creatures Shack

::----- C2README_UP!-de.txt -----::
Creature 2 cobs: 


Creatures 2 verwendet zwei unterschiedliche Graphikformate.
Diese Zip-Datei enthält die 555Graphik ungezippt. Die Graphik im 565-Format ist in einer extra Zip-Datei enthalten.
Die beiden Graphiken haben denselben Namen. Wenn also die Graphik des Cobs irgendwie seltsam aussieht, nimm einfach die andere Graphik.

Der Entferner für diese Cob-Datei ist in der Datei enthalten.


Kopiere die .cob-Datei in den Ordner "Objects"

Wenn vorhanden:

.s16 Dateien in den Ordner "Images"
.wav Dateien in den Ordner "Sounds"

Dieser Cob darf frei verteilt werden, vorausgesetzt,
daß diese Textdatei mit enthalten ist und mir die vollen Rechte zugesprochen werden.

Created by:
Julie Wohali-Bray


Creatures Shack

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Agent Contents

Ugly,Moldy-grey poison mushroom remover

Removes the ugly,moldy poisonous mushrooms-unremovable-by Spirit