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Original File Nerinath
Game C2
Creators GimmeCat Geat_Masta TheDrunkenNorn
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Tags Plant Food Agent Toy Pest World World
File Size: 21.27 MB

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Agent Contents

Fish Vendor

Dispenses 5 different kinds of fish, very nutritious Spendet 5 verschiedene nahrhafte Fischsorten


Funny Christmastree

Nice toy to have some fun on cold christmas days Lustiges Spielzeug für kalte Weihnachtstage


Learning Computer v2.0

Injects a P2-450 lap top computer filled with all the words for norns to learn. by Jay Dino *****


Meat Vine

This potted oddity grows a peculiar fruit that tastes... meaty. Don't worry though; although the growths look a bit like hearts, it's just a coincidence. Honest! Each bite provides a meal of fat, protein, and glucose.


Neptune's Womb v3.0

Hatches eggs in the ocean by Jay Dino *****




Water Fountain

Placeable, animated water fountains for your thirsty creatures.


World Populator

This COB exists to add all of the scripts neccessary to actually run Creatures 2. You see, when creating a new world, the best way to make one is to blast everything to kingdom come and then glue back on the essential bits. Luckily, you don't have to individually copy and paste the scripts. Instead, the World Populator is injected. If you are using Nerinath, don't press this. If you aren't, use it to make a blank world functional.

World Populator - Aphrodesiacs

Makes aphrodesiacs work.


World Populator - Cheese and Health and Creation and Tomatoes

See the World Populator COB. I'm tired of writing descriptions for these.


World Populator - Eggs

This COB is required to make your egg scripts work correctly.

World Populator - Hatchery

This makes hatcheries work. If your hatchery already works, no touchie.

World Populator - System Scripts

If you're using Nerinath, don't touch this. If you aren't using Nerinath, use this to inject your world with vital system scripts.

World Populator - System Scripts 2

See description for System Scripts 1.