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Original File D-DNA Analyzer.zip
Game C2
Creator Slink
Wiki Link https://creatures.wiki/Digital-DNA_Analyzer
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::----- danalyze.txt -----::
Slink's Digital-DNA Analyzer for 32-bit Windows

V2.2 - Now lists organs correctly including duplicates up to 9.  No
provisions made for more than 9 so will probably crash.

V2.1 - Chemical List for C2 completed.  Most C2 functionality now in.

V2.0 - Made some diplays more readable, corrected miscount in
comparisions where differences were being counted twice, corrected
mislabelled age stages.

Beta V1.3 - added missing CTRL-T acceleration for toggle of details.

Beta V1.2 - no bugs known at this time

This program will produce a report of all the genes in a GEN file.
It will compare two GEN files.
It will compare a GEN file to the GEN files of the parents if those
files are in the same sub-directory with the original GEN files.
Details can be toggled on and off except for the comparision portions
of the report, which will always be detailed.
Screen contents can be dumped to a text file for printing.

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