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::----- readmeshrooms.txt -----::
This agent was created by ylukyun and is based on Pirate-Rob's C3 Fungi Update. Both the seeds and fruit deliver a big dose of chemical 233 directly to the bloodstream of the creature eating it. In Abyss Dragon Norns, this causes hallucinations. The agent is currently provided in COS file format only, and has hardly been tested. Use at your own risk. To install, place the C16 file in the Images subdirectory of your main C3 directory, and the COS file in the Bootstrap\001 World subdirectory of your main C3 directory. The agent will be present in all new worlds created after that. To inject it into an existing world, run the CAOS command 'ject "sheeshrooms233.cos" 7' (without single quotes).

Version 0.1, released on January 26 2019. Please check the website Creatures Caves ( for a newer version.

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C16 Preview - sheefung[112]
C16 Preview - sheefung[112]
C16 Preview - sheefung[73]
C16 Preview - sheefung[73]