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Games C2C3DS
Creators Yomegami Lone--Wanderer
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::----- Amphibious Golden Desert Norns Readme.txt -----::

These golden desert norns can breathe both on water and on land. In addition, I also tweaked the genome to prevent the norns from running into walls. They are resistant to coldness and crowding, although they still experience those drives.

The sprites (obvisouly) are of the Golden Desert Norn in Norn Slot K, included with Life Kit 1. If you-for any reason-don't have Life Kit 1 installed, they'll look like blue pixie norns.

Installion: This zip contains two eggs and two starters. Put the .egg files into your "Eggs" folder, and two amphibious golden desert norn eggs should appear in the Hatchery. Put the .exp files into your main Creatures 2 directory, and you should be able to import the two untrained babies, Walter and Wanda, into your world via the ingame Import option.

Ask first before hosting this pack on your own site, please.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Angelsea Norns Readme.txt -----::

Angelsea Norns are norns that can both breathe underwater and fly with the Angel Norn flying COB.

They are amphibious, and do not mind the cold. They'll also eat fish.

Yet, they like space, and have no problems with flying through the air all the time-they can bear impacts very well.

In addition, they have additional fixes in their genome that should prevent them from wall-bonking.

Angelsea Norns use the sprites of the Angel Norns (Geat Slot A) and the Hebe/Desert Norns (Norn H).

Installion: Put the 2 .egg files into the "Eggs" folder, and you should find two Angelsea eggs in your Hatchery.

Ask first before hosting the Angelsea Norns on your site, please.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Angra Boney Grendel Readme.txt -----::

These red boney grendels are mopre vicous than normal boney grendels-they don;t run away when hit, but instead hit back. They stay angry longer than normal boneys, and are more likely to hit more than normal boneys. Also, they like hot places. Coldness will injure them.

Installion-put the .egg files into your "Eggs" folder, and two angra boney eggs should be in the hatchery.

Ask first beofre hosting the angra boneys on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Dark Norns Readme.txt -----::
DARK NORNS of Grendel Man

Dark norns can not stand light. If in a bright area, a dark norn will act like he or she is in great pain, and the health bar will go down and start to flash, as well as indicating injury as the drive picture. After a while, the norn will die.

Therefore, it is important to get your dark nors to the lower levels of Albia, where there is little light to kill them.

Other features-
*Dark norns don't get tired or sleepy as easily as most norns.
*Two drive emitters (Need for Pleasure and Thirst) have been set to emit less of those drives.
*They aren't born starving.
*They are immune to heavy metals and glycotoxin.
*They use the sprites of the emerald norns (Norn I).

Installion-put the .egg files into your "Eggs" folder, and you will find two dark norn eggs in the hatchery.

Ask first before hosting the dark norns on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Mosasaur Norns Readme.txt -----::

The name of these norns comes from a prehistoric sea-going lizard (seriously, a lizard).

As such, they are able to swim with the Swimming MerNorns COB, prefer critters over food, and prefer hot places, as they get cold easily.

They use the sprites of the Igua Norns (Norn slot X).

Installion-put the .egg files into your "Eggs" folder, and you should find two Mosasaur Eggs, a male and a female, in your hatchery.

Ask first before placing these on your own site, please.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@hotmail.com.

::----- Newt Mernorns Readme.txt -----::
NEWT MERNORNS of Grendel Man

The Newt Mernorns were based on the Golden Desert genome of Creature Labs.

The features of the Newt Mernorns:
*Newt Mernorns are gilled as babies, and at youth become amphibious-in other words, keep them in the water until the youth stage. The newt mernorns will then be able to breathe both on land and in water from then on.
*In real life, if you are underwater, without any special breathing equipment, you are likely to get a few drops in your mouth and most likely swallow them. Its the same with Newt MerNorns-if they are underwater, their thirst goes down.
*Newt MerNorns do not spend as much time being tired or sleepy as most C2 Norns, altough they still experience those emotions.
*A hungry newt mernorn isn't likely to try to eat everything in its sights, altough it would help to have some edible critters.
*Newt MerNorns should use the drinking fountains when thirsty (only applies to above-water norns).
*An angry newt mernorn can be calmed down by tickling him\her.


::----- Radiation Norns Readme.txt -----::

These norns are basically genetic versions of the vulcana norns-they are immune to heat and radioactivity. However, they are angry more often, are less sensitive to Need for Pleasure and Thirst, have a better immune system, and do not get tired/sleepy as fast as regular C2 norns. The main reason they are callied "radiation" norns is because of their pshychedilic coloring.

They use the sprites of the Emerald Norns (Norn slot I).

Installion: put the .egg files into your "Eggs" folder, and you should find 2 radiation norn eggs in your hatchery.

Ask first before hosting these on your own site,

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Sergs Readme.txt -----::
SERGS of Grendel Man

Sergs are grendels that become water-living creatures as they age.


Baby: Land-living, unable to breathe underwater.
Child: Amphibious
Adolescent: Amphibious
Youth and Older: Gilled, unable to breathe on land.

In short, a grendel version of mernorns.

They only need the standard C2 grendel sprites (Grendel A).

Installion-put the .egg files into your "Eggs" folder, and you should find 2 serg eggs, a male and a female, in your hatchery.

Ask first before you host the sergs on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Amarok Grendels Readme.txt -----::

In Inuit folklore, Amarok is a giant wolf who preys upon hunters wandering the artic tundra.

The amarok grendels need to eat less then normal grendels, and while based on a normal banshee genome, they do not get angry as fast as normal banshees. When they do get angry, they take it out on critters.

Cold weather doesn't cause any problems for amarok grendels-they don't shiver from it.

Amarok grendels will feed on critters and seeds, but also hit norns for nourishment.

Amarok Grendels use the sprites of the C3 Grendels and Banshee Grendels (Grendel A and B).

Installion-put the .agents file into your "My Agents" folder, and the amarok grendels should appear in the egglayer (Either the C3 Norn Egg Layer or DS Muco).

Ask first before hosting the amarok grendels on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Amarok Grendels Readme.txt -----::

In Inuit mythology and folklore, Amarok is a giant wolf that preys upon travelers and hunters on the bleak Arctic Tundra.

The amarok grendels are carnivorious and vampiric-they will eat critters and bugs, and will hit norns and ettins to feed,  but they don't need to feed as frequently as some creatures.

They are wandering loners who get crowded easily.

They have a temper, but it isn't as intense as their banshee grendel ancestors.

Amarok Grendels can be said to be warm-blooded-they expend energy to keep warm.

They are a tough race, but if their oppenant proves to be too strong, they tend to retreat.

The amarok grendels require the sprites of the Banshee Grendels (Grendel B) and the Normal C3 Grendels (Grendel A).

Installion-put the .agents file into your "My Agents folder, and the Amarok Grendels should be in the egglayer.

Ask first before hosting the amarok grendels on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Aqua Bruin Readme.txt -----::

When I found the original aqua bruin norns (which were in Ettin slot X) were unavailble, I made these.

They aren't anything special-just gilled norns that swim with the aquanorn swimmeragent. Still, they are a pretty color, and could lighten up any aquatic world. Make sure you have some water before you hatch one of these, otherwise, they'll drown in air. Sprites: Aqua Norn (Ettin K) and Bruin Norn (Norn A)-pretty much explained by the breed's title.

Installion-put the .agents file into your "My Agents" Folder, and the aqua bruin norns should be in the egg layer.

Ask first if you want these aqua bruin eggs on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Banshee Sky Predators Readme.txt -----::

These are the banshee version of the Sky Predators, which are carnivorous grendels who will fly with the flying agent included with the Lung Grendels or Dusty Aquas.

The Sky Predators need less food than normal grendels, and although they don't get angry all by themselves as banshees do, they will get very mad if norns are around (adolescents and up) and they will be very ticked if somebody hits them.

The Banshee Sky Predators start out eating bugs. Its recommended you get TwilightCat's Inkras, Lensis, or Okiron Butterflies for the babies and children to hunt down and eat. Adolescents and youths prefer to eat critters. Adults and older are vampiric and feed by hitting norns.
They aren't frequent breeders, and have a longer pregnancy period than usual. Also, they live twice as long than usual.
The banshee sky predators are loners who get crowded easily, and therefore should be kept alone until breeding age.

As can be said, the sprites of the Banshee Grendels (Grendel B) are needed to see the banshee sky predators correctly.


::----- Breedable Beta-Epslion Norns Readme.txt -----::

The Beta-Epsilon norns were originally made by Lone--Wanderer.

The features of her original genome:

*Have gills instead of lungs, and therefore can only live underwater.
*Gets all nutrition from the Heavy Metals poison, which they are born with.
*Takes no harm from being slapped or from slapping-instead, it lowers a couple of the negative drives.
*Eating normal food reduces their Stress levels, but does almost nothing else.
*Their immune system is a little stronger than usual, but not much.
*They age very slowly, but can die of old age. 
*They will never use lifts unless they are going down.
*They don't see critters as a source of food.

Her original version, however, had a couple flaws:
*They weren't completly immune to Heavy Metals-it destroyed their gonads, rendering them infertile.
*They didn't get Protein from Heavy Metals (also they did have an initial concentration gene for protien).

Since Lone said she left the CC, I decided to doctor this breed up, since she obvisously isn't going to do it herself.

My modifications:


::----- C1 Traveler Grendels Readme.txt -----::

These C1 grendels like to wander and use teleporters. Although mostly friendly, they may still give your norns a few smacks. When bored, babies like to snatch birds out of the air or play with a toy (the top works well).  Older grendels also like to use the teleporters (including the one that is the entrance to C12DS) to warp about Albia. They also use the teleporters for lowering the exit drive, removal of fear, and crowdedness, (altough they cannot get crowded). the eating habits were not changed any, so although they may grab critters, usually they don't take a bite (although they may). Also, unlike the swamp grendels (my other finished C12DS grendel breed), they cannot breathe underwater.  They are orange in color.

Installion-put the .agents file with the lengthy name into the "My Agents" folder, and look for  "C1 Traveler Grendels" in the egg layer.

E-mail me if you want to host these on your site.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net

::----- Oceanic Grendels Story.txt -----::

Features and care are in the other 2 text documents.

Since their accidental creation by the shee, grendels have been feared and despised because of their vicious natures. And yet, it hasn't always been that way.

In fact, after most of the shee left Albia, the norns found out the remaining grendels were actually quite friendly. And so, the norns became friends with the grendels. Before long, the vicious evil grendel disappeared from the face of Albia, surviving only as stowaways on the shee starship.

Several years after the shee's exodus, a small group of grendels headed for the desert island to dine on some coconuts. However, that day would mean a change in the lives of every single grendel in that group.

One youngster discovered a ball and was playing with it while the rest of his family ate and rested. 

Suddenly, the ball flew over the edge and landed in the waters of the Eastern ocean, over the glass sphere that gave creatures below a good look at the world beneath the waves. The young grendel didn't know that, and thinking nothing of it, chased after the ball, splashing through the water.


::----- Oceanic Grendels Readme.txt -----::
C12DS OCEANIC GRENDELS of Grendel Man (General Info)

As their name suggests, the Oceanic Grendels are meant to live within the oceans of Creatures 1 to Docking Station. There, they live on a diet of fish and coconut slivers. Because of the limited feeding opportunities, they need less food than regular grendels.

They cannot get cold easily, and are social and friendly towards norns, ettins, and other grendels.

They need the sprites of the C12DS Grendel (Grendel Slot H).

*The Oceanic Grendel .gen and .gno files
*Two starters, Atlantic and Pacific
*The "General Info" readme (What you're reading right now)
*The "Care Guide" readme
*The Oceanic Grendel Story

Installion: Put the .gen and .gno files into your "Genetics" folder, and use a genetics injector to create eggs.
Put the .creature files into your "My Creatures" folder, and you should be able to import the starters into your game with the Import option in the ingame Creature Selection menu.

Ask first before hosting this pack on your own site, please.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@copper.net (mom's).

::----- Oceanic Grendels Care Guide.txt -----::

If you want more info on the C12DS oceanic grendels, read the "General Info" readme.

The Oceanic Grendels are meant for the C12DS metaroom, which you should have if you downloaded these. ;)

The best place to keep the oceanic grendels is the ocean to the right of the desert island. This is because the coconuts on the right side of the island are more likely to bounce off, fly into the right ocean, and break, therefore giving any creature living in that ocean seeds to eat. There is also no risk of being taken out of the water by a passing vehicle.

Of course, living in the other ocean isn't completly out of the picture, but coconuts are less likely to fall into this ocean, and the submarine will take inside it any creature it touches.

If you don't have C12DS and got the nessecary sprites for the C1 grendels by other means, or just plain don't want to keep them in C12Ds, you can keep them in Norngarden 4, Aquanornia, or the C3 Aquatic Terrarium. If using the latter, make sure they have a dispenser.


Agent Contents


A dead grazer for your hyena norns to munch on.


Fewt Bengals - Egg Agent

Gill Norn-Bruin - Egg Agent

Gill Norn-Bengal - Egg Agent

Gill Norn-Civet - Egg Agent

Gil Grendels - Egg Agent

Garbage Dump Norns - Egg Agent

Frost Banshees - Egg Agent

Frog Norns - Egg Agent

Forest Newt Grendels - Egg Agent

Egg-Eater Grendels - Egg Agent

Ice Bigers - Egg Agent

Dragonfly Norns - Egg Agent

Desert Grendels - Egg Agent

Deepdweller Norns - Egg Agent

C1 Traveler Grendels - Egg Agent

Beta-Epsilon Norns - Egg Agent

Banshee Sky Predators - Egg Agent

Aqua Bruin Norns - Egg Agent

Amarok Grendels - Egg Agent

Amarok - Egg Agent

Gill Norn-ChiChi - Egg Agent

Imperial Fly Norns - Egg Agent

Zora Akatoras - Egg Agent

Shark Grendel-Blue - Egg Agent

Winter Norns - Egg Agent

Vulcan Norns - Egg Agent

Vampiric Banshee Grendels - Egg Agent

Vampire Grendels - Egg Agent

Unda Norns - Egg Agent

Twilight Norns - Egg Agent

Triton Norns - Egg Agent

Terraphobic Grendels - Egg Agent

Superpredator Grendels - Egg Agent

Shark Grendel-Great White - Egg Agent

Land Monsters - Egg Agent

Shark Grendel-Tiger - Egg Agent

Shadow Predators - Egg Agent

Sea Lizards - Egg Agent

Sea Ettins - Egg Agent

Oceanic Norns - Egg Agent

Ocean Toxics - Egg Agent

Newt Grendels - Egg Agent

Monster Grendels - Egg Agent

Light Grendels - Egg Agent

Hyena Norns - Egg Agent

Creature Contents

Name: Wanda
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female


Name: Walter
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male


Name: Teru
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male


Name: Tesu
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female


Name: Atlantic
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male


Name: Pacific
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female


Name: Mander
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male


Name: Sala
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female


Name: NightMare
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female


Name: NightStallion
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male

Other Images

Creature - Tesu
Creature - Tesu
Creature - Atlantic
Creature - Atlantic
Creature - Sala
Creature - Sala
Creature - Teru
Creature - Teru
Creature - NightMare
Creature - NightMare
Creature - NightStallion
Creature - NightStallion
Creature - Mander
Creature - Mander