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::----- Mojo Norn Readme.txt -----::
The Mojo Norn is a new type of Norn that is loosely inspired by the trolls of Warcraft.

In World of Warcraft, the trolls are one of playable races of the Horde. They are known for their voodoo magic, funky looks and relaxed attitudes.

Just like the trolls, the Mojo Norns have a blue skin colour and they grow tusks as they age.

The Mojo Norns occupy Norn Slot T.

Below is a list of the racial abilities of the trolls from Warcraft, and how I translated those to the Mojo Norns.
- Regeneration: Recovery from wounds (chemical 90) is twice as fast.
- Da Voodoo Shuffle: Fully resistant to mutations in pose genes and gait genes.
- Beast Slaying: Unaffected by any detrimental effects from interacting with wildlife (beasts and weeds).
- Berserking: Being wounded enrages you, reducing your fear and pain and increasing your anger.

Tips for care:
- So is the Mojo Norn naturally a savage, angry Norn breed like the Hardman Norn?
Although being hit can make them go berserk, Mojo Norns are actually quite chill and easygoing in their everyday life.
They're naturally afraid of Grendels and will only engage in combat with them if there is no other choice.
Mojo Norns prefer to retreat from Grendels and will push tool when they feel frightened.
And there are tool agents in their agent pack... What do they do? Well. Find out for yourself.
Alternatively, you can try to see if they like the torches from the Mountain Norn Pack, which are also classified as tools.
If you plan on using the masks or the torches, do use the handy Knowledge Stone Upgrade (II) that is included in this pack.
The Knowledge Stone Upgrade classifies all Knowledge Stones as machinery rather than tools, which is less confusing to your Mojo Norns.
Any subsequent injections allow you to place even more Knowledge Stones. They are locked in place after a Creature activates them. :)

- Do Mojo Norns have any special dietary wishes?
Mojo Norns like to "eat manky": Their pack comes with a special drink that is good for them.
The alcohol in these drinks (and other drinks) doesn't appear to bother Mojo Norns.
Some even like to fuel their energy with this Mojo Norn Punch.
But the dispenser of the drinks can be a bit... unpredictable.
Beware of putting the dispensers close together or in confined spaces!

- Where do they feel at home?
Mojo Norns do well in a lot of climates and they can lay their eggs anywhere.

- Are they social?
This depends a bit on the other Norns that you put them up with. Mojo Norns do not get along well with other Norns that are slap happy.
Personally, I haven't tried the Mojo Norns in combination with Hardman Norns or Yautja Norns yet. I can image they do not like each other much.
Depending on their individual personalities (see below) they might strike back or retreat to a more peaceful place using a teleporter or a door.
Mojo Norns can be good buddies of calm Norn breeds and standard Norn breeds, here they are really social in the long term.

Agent Contents

Knowledge Stone Upgrade (II)

Warning: Supercedes the Knowledge Stone Upgrade of the Mountain Norn Pack. You only need to inject this. Subsequent injections allow you to place more stones in your world. Also works in undocked worlds.

Mojo Banana Pot

A banana plant in a pot with three possible flower types. Provides your world with food, detritus and apparently critters and toys.


Mojo Punch Vendor

Mojo Punch is a delicacy for Mojo Norns, which is dispensed from a chaotic vendor.


Mojo Tickle Totem

The tickle totem is a toy for your creatures. It cannot be carried by creatures, so it is useful to place at high edges or near large bodies of water.


Mojo Voodoo Masks

Three mysterious masks for use in your world. You need to get a Norn under the right circumstances to activate the masks, though you can deactivate them by yourself.


Mojo Norn - Egg Agent

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 't'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]

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