Seasonal Wolfling Run

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Original File Seasonal Wolfling Run
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Creator KittyTikara
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::----- Seasonal Wolfling Run Tools.txt -----::
The Seasonal Wolfling Run Tools are some agents I coded and decided to keep until I found better sprites for. That was two years ago and they've been sitting on my hard drive ever since. Going along with all of the other old agents I'm releasing this year, I figured why not release these agents in what ever state they are it now. There are two agents: the Season Gates and the Homesmell Emitting Gadgets. The Homesmell Emitting Gadgets require C3 to be installed, though they will inject into undocked worlds.

There are four Season Gates, one for each season. The green one is for Spring, yellow for summer, red for Fall, and blue for winter. They only let a signal pass through if it's their specific season. So if it's spring, the green one will let a signal pass through, but the other three won't. For example, I've connected the season detector's input to a timer, and it's output to an egg collector. That way the eggs are always in an area with food in every season.

The Homesmell Emitting Gadgets are connectable gadgets that start emitting each species homesmell when a signal passes through them. It keeps emitting for five minutes before shutting off. They are intended to be used with the Season Gates to have a moving home smell, but there's bound to be other uses for them.

Other Info:
If there is a problem with these agents, either send an email to ***** or pm KittyTikara on Creatures Caves and I'll fix it. If the CCSF site or my blog,, goes down, feel free to reupload this as long as the readme is included. Also, feel free to base your own agents off of these. All I ask for is a mention in your readme somewhere.

Agent Contents

Season Gate

This agent only allows a signal to pass through when it's a specific season.

Invisible Radios

These Invisible Radios are just like the ones from C3, just invisible and they float where you stick them.

Homesmell Emitting Gadgets

These connectable gadgets emit their specific home smell after a signal passes through them, then shuts off after five minutes.